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Sarah Brightman -- Concert video
One night in Eden

Sarah's first concert in the 1999 One night in Eden World Tour was on 13 and 14 March 1999 in Sun City (South Africa) and this concert was filmed with 12 cameras "for world wide TV and home video exploitation", and it has been released on VHS and DVD.

I had great difficulty in getting the VHS video in The Netherlands, so I ordered it from Proxis.com (a Belgium on-line shop for books and music) and on 16 February 2000 I received it. And I am very, very glad about that: the video is great!! It surely does the concert just. It is wonderful to see the show so clear, with nice close-ups of Sarah. (During concert I saw in The Hague I sat relatively far from the stage and it was very difficult to see what was going on.) What is also nice is the extra: an 11-minute interview with Sarah after the concert.

The picture above is the cover of the video-booklet (jpeg, 46kb)


Contents of the video

Links lead to the lyrics of the songs and the CDs on which the songs appear; follow those links too if you want to know who wrote the songs. Before the actual concert on the video, we see Sarah walking somewhere South-Africa. On the background we here the song Baïlèro (from Eden), while Sarah says a few things as an Introduction. Then the concert starts (compare the programme of the concert I saw in The Hague).

In paradisum
           from: Eden
           from: Eden
So many things
           from: Eden
Who wants to live forever
           from: Timeless / Time to say goodbye
Anytime, anywhere
           from: Eden
Lascia ch'io pianga
           from: Eden
Nella fantasia
           from: Eden
Nessun dorma
           from: Eden
Dive  /  Captain Nemo
           from: Dive
La mer
           from: Dive
Il mio cuore va
           from: Eden
Only an ocean away
           from: Eden
First of May
           from: Eden -- the single
           & from: A Gala Christmas in Vienna
Phantom suite: Twisted every way - Overture - Litte Lottie
           from: Phantom of the Opera
Whishing you where somehow here again
           from: Surrender
Music of the night
           from: Surrender
Deliver me  *)
           from: Eden
Time to say goodbye -- solo version
           from: Timeless / Time to say goodbye
*)   featuring the Kwantle Ga Africa Choir for this special occasion (see the song on YouTube).
The concert is followed by an 11-minute interview with Sarah. First we see pictures of South-African landscapes, some with Sarah in it, and at the background we hear the song Dust in the wind (from Eden). This is intermixed with Sarah sitting on a coach in some living room (hotel?) and talking about her preference of singing in the original language, rather than translate a song in English (translating a song means loss of the essential feelings of the song) and about the concert in general.
Then follow fragments of some of the songs of the concert, and Sarah tells a bit about the song or about performing it, which is nice to hear: it shows how Sarah sees and feels about singing and performing.
At the end, while the video credits run across the screen, we can hear the song Un jour il viendra (from Eden).


Concert as TV-programme

On Friday 4 June 1999 I saw quite by accident and just in time that a Dutch TV channel was to broadcast a music special with Sarah and this appeared to be the One night in Eden concert registration. This programme was about an hour, i.e. shorter than the concert video. Not only were there no pictures and spoken words of Sarah before and after the concert, but some songs were missing ("In paradisum", "Dive / Captain Nemo" and "La mer"). Still, the TV-programme was well worth seeing, and I guess more people have now heard of Sarah's wonderful singing.
===> Concert video on American public TV (PBS) in June 1999
which is a longer version of the one I saw on Dutch TV and included an interview with Sarah -- probably the one on the video I have; see above.

Thanks for info on video-matters along the way to:
Jacob van der Wal, KMG, Moko Chino, KewlWethr7, CG.

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