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[CD-cover] Symphony

This CD contains a collection of new songs by Sarah and it is released early in 2008 (January - March, depending on the area). Again the record company has had the stupid idea of releasing different versions in different parts of the world -- most irritating from the fan point of view! Anyway, as I live in Europe I mention here the track listing of the European version and I do not intend to list any other version.

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  1. Gothica    (instrumental)    (1:20)
    Music: F. Peterson, C. Heysmann
  2. Fleurs Du Mal    (4:10)
    Music: F. Peterson, T. Schwarz, M. Meissner, M. Himmelsbach
    Lyrics: K. Hirschburger, S. Brightman
  3. Symphony    (4:47)
    Music & lyrics: S. Kloss, A. Nowak, J. Stolle, T. Stolle
    English lyrics: G. Black, S. Brightman
  4. Canto Della Terra    (3:59)   --   with Andrea Bocelli
    Music: F. Sartori
    Lyrics: L. Quarantotto
  5. Sanvean    (instrumental)    (3:50)
    Music: A. Claxton, L. Gerrard
  6. I Will Be With You (Where the lost ones go)    (4:31)   --   with Paul Stanley
    Music: E. Lind, A. Björklund
    Lyrics: M. Rostadmo, E. Lind
  7. Schwere Träume    (3:22)
    Music: F. Peterson, M. Soltau
    Lyrics: K. Hirschburger, S. Brightman
  8. Sarai Qui    (3:56)   --   with Alessandro Safina
    Music & lyrics: D. Warren
    Italian lyrics: M. La Bionda
  9. Storia d'Amore    (4:03)
    Music: P. Cordel
    Italian lyrics: M. La Bionda, S. Brightman
  10. Let It Rain    (4:17)
    Music: C. Heusmann, K. Hirschburger, F. Peterson
    Lyrics: C. Heusmann, K. Hirschburger
  11. Attesa    (4:26)
    Music: F. Mascagni
    Lyrics: C. Ferrau
  12. Pasión    (5:14)   --   with Fernando Lima
    Music & lyrics: Jorge Avendano Lührs
  13. Running    (6:09)
    Music: F. Peterson
    Lyrics: S. Brightman, K. Hirschburger
  14. Sarahbande    (instrumental)    (3:48)
    Music: G.F. Händel; adapted by F. Peterson, M. Soltau
  15. Fleurs Du Mal - Reprise    (instrumental)    (2:00)
          [hidden song; starts after a 1-minute pause]
    Music: F. Peterson, T. Schwarz, M. Meissner, M. Himmelsbach

The CD is released by Manhattan Records in March 2008.

Note that the 14th song, Sarahbande, is a bonus track on the European version of the album; that song appeared earlier on the Japanese version of the Harem album. The Japanese version of Symphony has as 14th song: Forbidden Colours.
[thanks to Gabor Tocsik and Luis Artola for info.]

===> All lyrics and translations on a single page (21.4 kb)



My first impression -- I have heard the CD only once so far -- is that the album has some nice songs I like and some songs that have too much music, drowning Sarah's voice.

More will comments will follow later.



[CD-cover] Symphony: Live in Vienna

Album released after a live concert in the Stephansdom in Vienna on 16 January 2008, together with a DVD with some interviews and photos. I do not have this album yet, but I guess that all songs are live, except for the bonus track. There also seems to be a DVD of the concert around, with 15 songs (i.e. not the bonux track) plus the material the second disk of this package.


Disc 1 == CD

  1. Pie Jesu
  2. Fleurs du Mal
  3. Symphony
  4. Sanvean   (instrumental)
  5. Canto della Terra   (duet with Alessandro Safina)
  6. Sarai Qui   (duet with Alessandro Safina)
  7. Attesa
  8. I Will Be with You (Where the Lost Ones Go)   (duet with Chris Thompson)
  9. Storia d'Amore
  10. Pasión   (duet with Fernando Lima)
  11. Running
  12. Let It Rain
  13. The Phantom of the Opera   (duet with Chris Thompson)
  14. Time to Say Goodbye   (solo version)
  15. Ave Maria
  16. Vide Cor Meum   (bonus track)
Disc 2 == DVD
  1. The Production (interview with Sarah Brightman)
  2. The Songs (interview with Sarah Brightman)
  3. The Location (interview with Father Anthony Faber and historian Elisabeth Lloyd-Davis)
  4. Photo Gallery
The total length of the three interviews is 37:24 minutes,
and the photo gallery is 03:22 minutes long.  

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