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Sarah Brightman -- tour 2018/19
Hymn: Sarah Brightman In Concert

Sarah's world tour, following the release of her CD Hymn, brings her to many places around the world for concerts:

For an overview of tour dates, please have a look at the Official Sarah Brightman website.

In an email dated 17 September 2018 Sarah writes:

For this tour I have partnered with Swarovski, who have added their beautiful crystals to my elaborate costumes and dazzling tiaras. More will be revealed in the coming months, but there will be an opportunity to take home sparkling mementos from my signature product line sold on tour!
After the concert series a special DVD and a special CD were released in November 2019; links lead to original album lyrics pages.

The DVD has two acts -- act 1 is without audience and the songs are performed in a mystic setting, act 2 is a concert with audience -- and when looking at the it I thought both rather tame.

Track List
DVD -- act 1
  1. Gothica    (instrumental)
  2. Fleurs Du Mal
  3. Stranger In Paradise
  4. Carpe Diem
      --   feat. Mario Frangoulis
  5. Anytime, Anywhere
  6. Gia Nel Seno (La Storia Di Lucrezia)
  7. Misere Mei
  8. Beautiful
  9. Follow Me
  10. Figlio Perduto
  11. Who Wants To Live Forever
  12. Tu Che M'Hai Preso Il Cuor
  13. Miracle (Sarah's Version)
      --   feat. Yoshiki
DVD -- act 2
  1. Hymn Overture    (instrumental)
  2. Hymn
  3. Sogni
      --   feat. Vincent Niclo
  4. There For Me
      --   feat. Vincent Niclo
  5. Better Is One Day
  6. Canto Per Noi
  7. Pie Jesu
      --   feat. Narcis
  8. Fly To Paradise
  9. Time To Say Goodbye
      --   new English rendition
  10. Masquerade    (instrumental)
  11. Phantom Of The Opera
      --   feat. Mario Frangoulis
  12. Sky And Sand
  1. Fleurs Du Mal
  2. Anytime, Anywhere
  3. Gia Nel Seno (La Storia Di Lucrezia)
  4. Follow Me
  5. Figlio Perduto
  6. Tu Che M'Hai Preso Il Cuor
  7. Miracle (Sarah's version)
      --   feat. Yoshiki
  8. Hymn
  9. Sogni
      --   feat. Vincent Niclo
  10. Better is One Day
  11. Canto Per Noi
  12. Pie Jesu
      --   feat. Narcis
  13. Fly to Paradise
  14. Time To Say Goodbye
      --   new English rendition
  15. Sky and Sand

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