Sarah Brightman - Captain Nemo

Under the surface so crystal clear
Everyone was really tense
Waiting down there
He had his own world just like I had mine
We'll go seperate ways 'til the next time
There are no words to say
As my friend swims away

Captain Nemo said, "Okay"
(Five, four, three, two, one)
Then I raised my hand and waved
Captain Nemo went away
(Love me when I'm gone)
Left me all alone, Nemo's going home

And as I watched him, police boats approached
An alien force haunting us like ghosts
"Wish I could stay here and play for a while
But I must be on my way ..."
The warmest of smiles
Then he dived into the waves
Among the other whales

Refrain (4x)

Music: Holmberg
Lyrics: Lancelot

From: Dive (1993)
and The very best of 1990-2000 (2001).

Source of the lyrics: the CD-booklet, with thanks to Jeff and with a correction thanks to Bjorn Handeland.

Daniel wrote me that was orginally preformed by the Swedish band "Dive", where Chris Lancelot is the singer.

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