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Sarah Brightman -- tour 1999
One night in Eden

Sarah's world tour, following the release of her CD Eden, brought her to many places around the world for concerts; further down the page are lists of tour dates.

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===> Concert video on American public TV (PBS) in June 1999

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Tour dates

Lists of 1999 tour dates I have found or heard of. It is likely that my list is incomplete, and I am not sure if all concerts really took place.
Sarah's 1999 tour is over and so these lists are not really necessary anymore, but I keep them "for the record".

On a website site in Germany I saw that the title of the tour is "One night in Eden", but according to the Fan Club the title is "Showtime". The first, however, is the right one.

This picture showing the concert dates in Denmark (62 kb in size) was sent to me by Berit Christensen, for which many thanks:

[Denmark dates]

The following two pictures are on the German site I mentioned (8kb and 10kb in size); this type of pictures appears in the programme booklet of the concert:

[Sarah - 1]     [Sarah - 2]

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