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Sarah Brightman -- Concert video
La Luna (2001)

One of Sarah Brightmans La Luna concerts (namely the one in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on 4 October 2000), part of her La Luna World Tour, was recorded for released as a VHS video and DVD by Angel Records.
The concert of that tour which I saw was in Rotterdam on 3 December 2000.

"The DVD contains," as the official Sarah Brightman Web site put it, "the entire LA LUNA concert plus 1 1/2 hrs. of bonus backstage material."

These extras are a music video of "Whiter Shade of Pale", an interview with Sarah, and a "Behind the Scenes": backstage tour, recording of the La Luna CD, after-show party footage, rehearsals, "and much more".
The concert lasts 89 minutes (lyrics may be turned on or off) and is completely available on the DVD; the VHS video released in the USA contains only part of the concert (as the list below shows), and the VHS probably does not contain all the extra footage.

This page contains:
=   some personal comments
=   contents of the concert
=   thanks, links and such


I received the DVD half September 2001 and rented a DVD player to view it and I was thrilled!! Excellent! Wonderful! were the words that sprung to mind.

The whole concert is recorded very will, with good camera work (though during one or two songs the camera angles are switched a bit too fast for my liking). The picture quality is great, and with many close-ups we get a good look at all the details of the show. (I also watched the "special features" mentioned above: nice to see, but not more than once, except perhaps for the music video.)
I did not hook the DVD player to a good quality stereo equipment, but as far as I could hear the sound recording is perfect.

So all in all I thoroughly enjoyed watching the DVD and seeing the concert again, now in more detail. The combination of image and sound give the songs a new dimension.


Contents of the concert registration

  1. La Lune
  2. Winter in July
  3. Scarborough Fair
  4. Who Wants To Live Forever
  5. Hijo De La Luna
  6. La Luna Interlude I
  7. Figlio Perduto
  8. La Luna
  9. La Califfa
  10. Pie Jesu *
  11. La Luna Interlude II
  12. Nessun Dorma
  13. Siren
  14. Deliver Me
  15. He Doesn't See Me
  16. La Luna Interlude III
  17. Whiter Shade Of Pale
  18. There For Me **
  19. Twisted Everyway
  20. Phantom Of The Opera Suite
  21. Little Lotti
  22. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  23. Music Of The Night
  24. Question Of Honour
  25. Moon River
  26. Time To Say Goodbye *
  1. La Lune
  2. Scarborough Fair
  3. Hijo De La Luna
  4. Figlio Perduto
  5. La Luna
  6. Deliver Me
  7. He Doesn't See Me
  8. Whiter Shade Of Pale
  9. There For Me **
  10. Nessun Dorma
  11. Pie Jesu *
  12. Music Of The Night
  13. Question Of Honour
  14. Moon River
  15. Time To Say Goodbye *
For links to the lyrics and the CDs where the songs originate from,
see the programme of the concert.
As you can see, the DVD version is most like the concert was, with
only small differences; the three "interludes", which are 1:03, 0:32
and 0:46 minutes in length, can hardly be called songs.

  *) Solo versions
**) This all-english version is a duet with Josh Groban,
        as it seems to have been at all concerts of the tour.


Many thanks for info on video and other matters to: Beth Eshelman, Julie Thompson, Chuck Profit, Geoffrey Kidd, Adam Wolfe, Nelly Lagendijk, Yve, Stefan, Jerry Richmond, Jacob

===> Programme of the La Luna concert

See a separate page for:
=   notes on the release versions of DVD and VHS
=   concert broadcasted by PBS (USA)

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