Sarah Brightman

[CD-cover] Love Changes Everything
The Andrew Lloyd Webber collection, volume 2

This CD, released in October 2005, contains songs from various shows for which Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the music.
Eight song can also be found on other CDs by Sarah's.



  1. Probably On Thursday
  2. The Perfect Year
  3. Only You (with Cliff Richard)
  4. Love Changes Everything   --   [1]
  5. Seeing Is Believing (with Michael Ball)
  6. Think Of Me (with Steve Barton)   --   [2]
  7. Any Dream Will Do   --   [3]
  8. I Don't Know How To Love Him   --   [3]
  9. Too Much In Love To Care (with John Barrowman)
  10. The Phantom Of The Opera (with Steve Harley)   --   [3]
  11. Make Up My Heart
  12. No Llores Por Mí Argentina
    (Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Spanish Version)   --   [4]
  13. Everything's Alright   --   [3,4]
  14. Whistle Down The Wind   --   [2]
The music of all these songs is written by Andrew Lloyd Webber; the lyrics by various writers.

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 11 were previously unreleased.


  1. The version on this CD is the one from the show Song and Dance
    The version from the show Aspects of Love can be found on: The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection (i.e. the first volumne; 1997), Sings the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber (1992) and As I came of age.
    All versions have the same lyrics
  2. Previously released on Encore
  3. Previously released on Sings the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber (1992)
  4. Previously released on Surrender, The unexpected songs
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Six songs are previously unreleased, a seventh song was released before in a different version, and eight songs are available on other CDs by Sarah. So the question arrises: is it worth buying this CD?

Let me quote part of a review found on

The most surprising track on this collection isn't hidden between blockbusters selections from the blockbuster Lloyd Webber songbook but is located in plain view right at the beginning of the CD. The previously unreleased "Probably on Thursday" was originally written as a pop song in 1967 and indeed sounds very much like a forgotten gem by an obscure 1960s pop singer. It's absolutely delightful and the last thing you'd expect from a composer best known for neoclassical bombast.

Another surprise is another previously unreleased song, this one from Sunset Boulevard: "The Perfect Year" is a sweet ballad, and Brightman smartly doesn't oversell it. In fact, the CD decidedly emphasizes the singer's more subtle side rather than her vocal pyrotechnics -- "Make Up My Heart" from Starlight Express and "I Don't Know How to Love Him" from Jesus Christ Superstar are particularly nice. The cache of previously unreleased songs also includes guest apperances by the likes of Michael Ball ("Seeing Is Believing") and John Barrowman ("Too Much in Love to Care"), but there's never any doubt as to who the star of this CD is. And deservedly so.

[...] the version of "Love Changes Everything" here is much much better than the earlier ones. There are no strainful high notes, and the songs flows more fluidly... Although half the songs have already been released before, listening to them in this CD seems like the first time.

[...] For those who grumble because of the increasing number of ALW collections with Sarah Brightman on it, please don't judge them by the similarity in track listing. Just ask yourself why there are no other ALW collections with some other artist starring... Maybe, just maybe, no one can cover the different styles of singing (from "Phantom of the Opera" to "Make Up My Heart") with the same dexterity as Sarah Brightman does

As for me, I am glad to hear Sarah singing musical-style songs again! I was not pleased with Sarah's latest CDs, as they are to pop-like for me. The songs on this CD are the kind of songs I prefer to hear Sarah sing, that's for sure.

It is a pity, though, that the CD contains so many songs that have been released before. The author of the above quoted review things Probably on Thursday is "absolutely delightful" -- I disagree, I'm afraid: I don't like the song very much, many because of the pop-like beat in the music. Of the new songs, I quite like The perfect year and Seeing is believing and Too much in love to care, and the other two are not too bad. So my overall opinion of the CD is not too positive.

Many thanks to Becky Wilson for info and lyrics

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