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[CD-cover] Hymn

Announcement by Sarah in an email dated 17 May 2018:
I am very excited to share that my new album will be released in the Fall of 2018. I have reunited with my long time producer and collaborator Frank Peterson on this album and although we are still placing the finishing touches on it, we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!
This was followed by an email dated 17 September 2018, wherein the release was announced for 9 November 2018. Furthermore, we read in that email and in another email:
I began working on this album with my long time producer and collaborator Frank Peterson a couple years ago and can't believe the day to announce has finally arrived! [...] <-- You can have a listen to the first track from the album, Sogni, featuring a wonderful tenor Vincent Niclo here. --> I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it for you.
HYMN is excitingly eclectic, encompassing many different styles. Every project I've done has come from an emotional place, and I wanted to make something that sounded very beautiful and uplifting. To me, 'hymn' suggests joy - a feeling of hope and light, something that is familiar and secure, and I hope that sentiment resonates through the music.

The album closes with a new rendition of Brightman's signature song, "Time To Say Goodbye", singing lyrics that she wrote herself, and sung in English for the first time.

After the release of this album the Hymn: Sarah Brightman In Concert world tour and a concert DVD/CD followed (track lists are given on the concert page).


cover Sogni cover Hymn
  1. Hymn Overture   --   instrumental
    music: René Laack, Frank Peterson
  2. Hymn       [ listen to the song | see the video ]
    music & lyrics: John Lees
  3. Sogni   --   featuring Vincent Niclo       [ listen to the song | see the video ]
    music: Frank Peterson
    lyrics: Chiara Ferrau
  4. Sky And Sand
    music: Paul Kalkbrenner
    lyrics: Fritz Kalkbrenner
  5. Canto Per Noi
    music: Ennio Morricone
    lyrics: Romano Musumarra
  6. Fly To Paradise   --   featuring Eric Whitacre Singers
    music: Eric Whitacre, Frank Peterson, Buzz T. Isles
    lyrics: Eric Whitacre, Frank Peterson
  7. Gia Nel Seno (La Storia Di Lucrezia)
    music: James Morgen, Juliette Pochin
    lyrics: traditional
  8. Follow Me
    music: Branislaw Kaper
    lyrics: Paul Francis Webster
  9. You
    music: Patrick Hawes
    lyrics: David Zippel
  10. Better Is One Day
    music & lyrics: Matt Redman
  11. Tu Che M'hai Preso Il Cuor
    music: Franz Lehar, adapted by Frank Peterson
    lyrics: Fritz Löhmer, Ludwig Herzer
  12. Miracle (Sarah's Version)   --   featuring Yoshiki       [ see the video ]
    music & lyrics: Yoshiki
  13. Time To Say Goodbye   --   new English rendition
    music: Francesco Sartori
    lyrics: Lucio Quarantoot, Frank Peterson, Sarah Brightman
Bonus tracks I learned about, not available on my album:  

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