Sarah Brightman

[CD-cover] Gala: The Collection

This collection album was released after her concert in Japan in July.
The album was not released in Europe, as far as I know.


  1. Stand alone   (vocalise)
           from: Voce: beautiful songs
  2. Anytime, anywhere
           from: Eden  |  Classics
  3. Dust in the wind
           from: Eden
  4. Carpe diem   (with Mario Frangoulis)
           from: A Winter Symphony
  5. It's a beautiful day
           from: Harem and other albums
  6. La luna
           from: La Luna  |  Classics
  7. A whiter shade of pale
           from: Diva: the singles collection (and other albums)
  8. Canto della terra   (with Andrea Bocelli)
           from: Symphony
  9. Nessun dorma
           from: Eden
  10. Figlio Perduto
           from: La Luna
  11. Stranger in paradise
           from: Harem
  12. There for me   (with José Cura)
           from: Timeless / Time to say goodbye
  13. Running
           from: Symphony
  14. Pie Jesu   (solo version)
           from: Classics
  15. Time to say goodbye   (solo version)
           from: Classics (and other albums)
  16. Hawai'i '78
           from: Dreamchaser -- deluxe ed.
  17. In the air
           from: Dreamchaser -- deluxe ed.
  18. Done   (classical version)
           song unknown to me

Single pages with all lyrics and translations are not provided for this album.

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