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[CD-cover] Dreamchaser

At the end of September 2012 a new album by Sarah is announced: Dreamchaser.
Two songs of the album, Angel and One Day Like This, were released prior to the release of the full album via the official website.
The whole album was planned for release on 21-22 January 2013, but the release has been postponed until April 2013. Except for the Japanese release, which became available on 16 January 2013.
(The album is produced by Mike Hedges and Sally Herbert.)


This is the track listing of the world-wide released album,
with notes on other versions [with thanks to Eddy Botazzi].
  1. ANGEL (5:33)
    Music and lyrics: Jerry Burns, Sally Herbert
  2. ONE DAY LIKE THIS (6:06)
    Music: Elbow
    Lyrics: Guy Garvey
  3. GLOSOLI (6:50)
    Music and lyrics: Sigur Rós
    Additional English lyrics: Chris Difford
  4. LENTO E LARGO (5:39)
    Music and lyrics: Henryk Górecki
  5. B 612 (4:50)   --   instrumental, with vocalisation
    Music: Makato Sakamoto, Yuka Ikushima (Yuma), Sarah Brightman
  6. BREATHE ME (4:48)
    Music and lyrics: Sia Furler, Dan Cary
  7. AVE MARIA (5:48)
    Music and lyrics: Sally Herbert, Mike Hedges, Sarah Brightman
  8. EPERDU (5:07)
    Music and lyrics: Elizabeth Fraser, Philip Raymond, Andrew Guthrie
  9. A SONG OF INDIA (3:26)
    Music and lyrics: Nikolaj Rimsky-Korsakov
  10. VENUS AND MARS (4:48)
    Music and lyrics: Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney
  11. CLOSER (8:07)   --   [not on Japanse release]
    Arr. of "Tubular Bells" by: Mike Oldfield
    New melody and lyrics: Chris Braide.

  12. KAZE NO TORIMICHI (4:14)   --   [bonus track on Japanse release]
    Music and lyrics: ?
Some releases of the album have a bonus DVD with the following contents:
  1. Sarah Brightman Dreamchaser Monologue (1:12)
  2. ANGEL -- Official Video (4:34)
  3. Star City, Russia Space Sizzle Reel (3:49)
  4. Photo Gallery (3:16)
  5. Exclusive bonus audio track: SO LONG AGO SO CLEAR (5:30)
    Music: Vangelis
    Lyrics: Jon Anderson
  6. Exclusive bonus audio track: 7TH HEAVEN (3:16)
    Music and lyrics: ?
deluxe edition photo There is also a "Dreamchaser Super Deluxe Package" which contains the album housed within a unique 140 mm diameter globe, which sits on its own etched square acrylic stand. A mini hardcover artbook sits below the Globe on its own shelf and contains exclusive imagery and content along with a sequentially numbered Certificate of Authenticity. This is all contained within a Deluxe Suedel box that has Sarah's SB logo foiled on top.
[Text and image adapted from the official SB website]

The edition has two more extra tracks (some lyrics are still missing):

    Music and lyrics: ?
  2. HAWAI'I '78
    Music and lyrics: ?
===> All lyrics and translations on a single page (15.5 kb)
note: not all of the lyrics are checked yet.

The CD cover is taken from the official website


Introduction to the album

At the end of September 2012 a new album by Sarah is announced. It is called Dreamchaser and introduced at the official website via a beautiful short movie, with Sarah looking out over the sea to the horizon and speaking the following text:
How far can I see? 10 miles? 20?
We can't see the glaciers from the desert,
or the seabed from the mountain peak.
We'll never meet all the 7 billion people that walk the earth,
but we know they are there.
We are prepared to believe what we cannot see.

But we can see the moon and the sun,
not 20 miles but 93 million miles away.
And an endless veil of stars, so distant
it questions our belief.

Our dreams take us to places we'll never reach
and open doors into other worlds
and windows into ourselves.
The journey to the stars may be as close to a dream
as reality may take me.
It is clear as I will see the beauty of the universe,
I will see deeper inside myself, closer to my dreams.

I am not a dreamer -- I am a dreamchaser.

(c) 2012, Sarah Brightman official website



The song Angel sounds really great!
So I guess (and hope) that Dreamchaser will be wonderful album.

The album has arrived and I had a quick first-listen: it sounds good.
More remarks to follow.

When I pre-ordered the album at the official Sarah Brightman website
in December 2012 the release was still announced for January 2013 and
it was not possible to select a "CD+DVD" option, just a "CD".
So now I only have the CD, not the DVD ...
Goes to show that trying to be early is not always a good idea.

I do not have the "Dreamchaser Super Deluxe Package".


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