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Welcome to my pages about "The Angel of Music", as some call Sarah Brightman. Well, I can only agree with that: Sarah has a voice that can match the angels' in its glory [from: "Meadowlark"], so beautiful is it in many of the songs she sings!

This page tells you which CDs by Sarah I like most; some other subjects are listed further down on this page. For overviews, see the CD index and track lists and the Alphabetic lyrics index


At the end of 1989 I quite by accident found a wonderful CD, which I play again and again:

The songs that got away

This CD, released in 1989, contains 14 songs that somehow "got lost" from West End or Broadway scores. These songs are perfomed by Sarah with a beautiful voice, which is in some songs really enchanting and grand. And the more I listen to the CD, the more I like it.

This is still my most often played CD !!

After that more and more Sarah Brightman CDs followed.
The CDs I like most are listed on this page;
other CDs are listed on a separate page.



Surrender, The unexpected songs

I like this CD (released in 1995) very much too: it again shows that Sarah's voice is very beautiful and can handle different musical styles. The CD contains a collection of songs written by Andrew Lloyd Webber for several musicals.

The Andrew Lloyd Webber collection

This CD was released in 1997. It contains 11 songs from Surrender (two now in English) and 5 other songs.
All in all a bit expensive when you already have Surrender, of course, but if you are a real fan ...


In November 1996 the duet Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli -- Time to say goodbye became in a few weeks time a big hit in Germany and later on also in several other countries Europe, followed by the USA and the rest of the World.
This duet can be found on a CD Sarah made with the London Symphony Orchestra:



This CD is from 1997, and I bought it shortly after it was released.
After hearing it several times I must say that this CD pleases me: Sarah's excellent voice can be heared clearly in every song, though some of the songs are a bit too opera-like for my taste.

US-version:     "Time to say goodbye"

The CD has been released in the USA under the title Time to say goodbye, with the same songs in a different order and perhaps a small difference in the singing in one or two songs.


At the beginning of Nov. 1998 Sarah's CD Eden was released in Europe; in the rest of the world the release was in 1999.
It is, I think, quite a good CD really, with a nice variety of songs -- some a little pop-like, others a bit opera-like, but on the whole not too. And Sarah's voice again fits well with all of the songs. There is a great version of Dust in the wind on the CD!

La Luna

Released in April 2000 in Europe, this is another wonderful collection of songs in different styles, some opera-like, others more popular, which has turned very well. It contains a great version of the well-known song Scarborough Fair. All in all a good CD, doing justice to Sarah's voice.

The CD is released in August 2000 outside Europe in a different version, with additional tracks.
   ===> track list of the non-European version


Love Changes Everything
The Andrew Lloyd Webber collection, vol. 2

Released in October 2005, this CD contains 7 songs already released on other ALW-collections by Sarah and 7 songs previously unreleased. Three of these "new" songs are very nice indeed and two are not too bad, I think.

A Winter Symphony

A very nice collection of songs for the winter & Christmas season, released at the end of 2008, with some well-known and some lesser-known songs.


Album with new songs, released in the Spring of 2013 (but released in Japan in Jan. 2013).
It was announced via the official website on 26 September 2012, along with the release-for-download of one of the songs from the album: Angel.


The album, initially announced by Sarah in an email on 17 May 2018, was released on 9 November 2018. The release is followed by a Hymn: Sarah Brightman In Concert tour, which lead to the release of a DVD and a CD (track lists on the tour page).



Other things

Apart for the above listed favourites of mine, this website
has the following to offer on Sarah Brightman's music:  
From each subpage a link leads back to this page and to:



Lyrics and translations

I have been trying to get the lyrics of all the songs Sarah sings on her solo CDs as well as translations in English of the non-English songs.
Got all the lyrics, miss only a few words here and there
And I have got nearly all the translations complete!

The current status of my collection is given here

Most lyrics and translations are provided by volunteers, which means that these texts are not official and may contain errors. If you have corrections and/or additions please let me know.

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