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If you have comments, corrections, questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me by email. Before you email me with a question, see the FAQs below: perhaps the answer is already there. My email address is:


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for something in particular, then one of the following remarks is perhaps useful to you.
What is and was new on my web site
Important changes and additions to my Web pages are listed on the What's New page. Minor additions, corrections and such are not listed there; every Web page has a "last modified" date at the bottom to help visitors.
Regarding my Sarah Brightman web pages
Until further notice correspondence about and changes of my Sarah Brightman pages will be very limited: it is costing me too much time. Besides, I am not very fond of the music Sarah is making these days (since say 2002), so I am not too motivated anymore. Sorry about this.
Where is what page on my web site
The Site Map shows a list of main subjects and some sub-subjects and leads you easily to all that is available on my Web site.
About sound files
I have none and I do not know where to get any, but there are lots and lots of Web sites with all kinds of sound files.
About sheet music
I do not have any, nor do I know where to get any. There are several sites on the Web that deal in sheet music; see for instance or Pepper Music Network or The Piano Parlor If I have heard about the place on the Web of the sheet music of a specific song, I mention it on the page about that song (which is the case for very few songs!). Use the Site Map to find your way around.
Where I come from and where I live
I come from The Netherlands and all my Web pages are there, as the .nl extention of the URL and my email address suggest.
Currently I live in Utrecht, near the centre of The Netherlands.
You can write emails in Dutch or English, whichever you like. Also German is possible, though I will probably answer in English as my German is not too good.

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