Sarah Brightman - In the air

In the journey of the human mind
There are so many places we want to go.
We own the being of many dreams,
So many faces that we all know.

And the serene is found in light,
The colour cascades into the light.
We all know the curve of time
Rains on past parades tonight.

As I breathe in the falling air,
It covers me in its paper wings.
Destiny has no need to know
That this is where my journey begins.

The air is full of sun and light,
The warmth from each ray keeps me safe.
Tomorrow I will touch the ground
And I will turn away in time.

Music: ?
Lyrics: ?

From: Dreamchaser -- Deluxe edition (2013)

Source of the lyrics: thanks to Ferdinand Chevalier.
I wonder about the word "own" in the 3rd line: is that correct? The line sounds so strange (is it "are" perhaps?).

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created: 14 April 2013
last modified: 14 April 2013