Sarah Brightman - Sarai Qui
duet with Alessandro Safina

Quando penso ai giorni che
Ho passato insieme a te
Io vorrei che tu tornassi qui
Per non lasciarmi mai
Chiudo gli occhi ci sei tu
Aa me non pensi piu'
Tu sarai sempre quii

Il mio cielo splende di quell'anima che hai
Nel mio cuore per tutta la vita tu un posto avrai
Io non ti chiedo dove seei
E dove io saro' sarai quii
E dove io saro' sarai quii ...

Quello che mi hai dato tu
Non potro scordare piuu'
E per sempre mi ricordero'
La forza che mi dai
Ce l'ho fatta grazie a te
Coon l'amore dato a me
Tu sarai sempre quii

(Repeat chorus)

La mia luce accendi tu
E sai perche'
Io mi sento forte
Solo grazie a te
Tu sarai sempre quii
Tu sarai sempre quii

(Repeat chorus)

Sarai qui

Music & lyrics: D. Warren
Italian lyrics: M. La Bionda

From: Symphony (2008)
and: Symphony: Live in Vienna (2008).

Source of the lyrics: the official Sarah Brightman website [thanks also to Johanna Ouwerling].

My feeling is that the spelling of the Italian is not correct everywhere, e.g. "quii" and "piuu" -- some accents seem to be missing.

Navin provided the following translation (three lines are still missing):

Be Here

When I think of all the days
I have shared with you
I want you to come back
And not leave me anymore
I close my eyes and you are there
I don't think about myself anymore
You'll always be here

My sky shimmers because of your soul
In my heart there's always be a place for you
I don't ask where you are,
And where I am, there you'll be
And where I am, there you'll be

I will never be able to forget
All the things you gave me
And I will always remember
How strong you make me feel
I made it
Thanks to your love
You'll always be here


You switch on my light
And know why
I feel so strong
Just because of you
You'll always be here
You'll always be here


You'll always be here.

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created: 2 February 2008
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