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Apart from the CDs I mention on my main Sarah Brightman page, Sarah made or can be heard on several other CDs.

This page lists:
 =  the folk, pop and other CDs from Sarah I have bought and are not directly my most favourite albums
 =  the collection CDs and CDs with just a few new songs from Sarah
 =  a few CDs with songs written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and that have something to do with Sarah
 =  some Christmas CDs featuring a song or two by Sarah
 =  some miscellaneous things
Sarah also recorded a number of singles and other songs; some of these are (or will be) mentioned on a page about singles and such by Sarah.

Note that I do not intend to be complete and that I do not list CD-singles.
For a complete (?) discography, see for example the list maintained by Elden.


Sarah's folk, pop and other CDs

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The trees they grow so high / Early one morning (1988/1995)

In Feb. 1988 Sarah released a CD entitled The trees they grow so high, also known under the title Early one morning (re-released in 1995), with folks songs arranged by Benjamin Britten, with Geoffrey Parsons on Piano. The CD has been re-released in February 1998 under its first title.

This CD is special and actually rather nice, I think. Sarah's (still young!) voice, accompanied only by a piano is a good combination, and the songs are good too.



As I came of age (1990)

I heard this CD first in 1990, after I bought the magnificent The5~ songs that got away and I was disappointed: the songs were too pop-like, to loud, for me. So I did not buy it then. Now I have bought it to complete my collection and I must say that after hearing it a few times I like it better than I thought I would. But still, I prefer the other CDs Sarah has made.



Dive (1993)

This CD has pop-songs sung beautifully by Sarah with her great voice. Unfortunately, some of the songs have music that is too dominating, drowning Sarah's voice. For this reason I do not play the CD very often.


[CD cover]

Fly, re-released version (1997)     |     Fly II ("rare tracks") (2000)

I heard "Fly" first at the end of 1996 and I did not buy it then: I found the music a bit too loud, too pop-like in most songs for my liking.
"Fly" was re-released in 1997 and now includes as extra (first) number Time to say goodbye, also to be found on the CD Timeless.
To complete my collection, I have bought "Fly" after all, and after playing it a few times, I like it somewhat better.

At concerts of Sarah's La Luna tour in 2000/2001, "Fly" was on sale as a special 2-CD box, with on the second disc "rare tracks", some of which were not released before on CD.



Harem (2003)    |    Harem Tour CD (2004)    |    Live concert CD (2004)

The CD Harem, released in the spring of 2003, contains a collection of Orientally inspired songs, most of which have got a dance-beat in the music, which is not so much to my liking. All in all I am disappointed in Harem: it is not really a special album, and that the music too often drowns Sarah's great voice.

At concerts of Sarah's Harem tour in 2004, the "Harem Tour CD" was on sale, with additional tracks.

And there is a Live from Las Vegas - The Harem World Tour CD.



Symphony (2008)

This album, released early 2008, is a mixture of songs, some pop-like and some more quite songs. All in all quite nice, I think, but not so much that I want to have it featured on the main page.


Collection CDs

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The very best of 1990-2000

A collection CD released end May 2001 by Eastwest (a Warner company), with songs from some of Sarah's last few CDs.




This is in fact a collection CD, as most of the songs are from previous CDs: there are only four truely new songs. Rather meagre
The CD was released in November 2001 outside Europe, and in slightly different editions later also in the Far East.

A different European release followed end 2006 : it is called Classics - The Best of Sarah Brightman.



A collection CD released in April 2002, with songs from musicals, most of which appeared on earlier CDs from Sarah's plus a few previousely unreleased songs.


Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection / Encore

A double-CD released in October 2002, simply containing a copy of the two CDs The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection and Encore, and therefor this double-CD does not get its own web page; the CD-cover comes from


Diva: the singles collection

This is yet another collection CD, which adds nothing to the already existing albums. It has been released worldwide, except for Europe, at the same time that Europe got Classics - European version  


Amalfi: Sarah Brightman love songs

Collection album released in conjunction with the release of the new Japanese film AMALFI. The movie features an appearance and performance by Sarah, and is a special production marking Fuji Television's 50th anniversary.  


Voce: Beautiful songs

Collection album released in Japan in 2014.  


Gala: The Collection

Collection album released in Japan in 2016.



About Sarah and songs written by Andrew Lloyd Webber

[CD-cover] Sarah has appeared in several musicals written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, starting with a small part in Cats. Sarah played the leading part of Christine Daaé in Phantom of the Opera (track list); a role written by Andrew for Sarah, actually. CDs with music of these productions thus feature Sarah in some numbers.

In the production Requiem Sarah appeared along side Plácido Domingo, and the orchestra was conducted by Lorin Maazel. The duet Pie Jesu with Paul Miles-Kingston is from Requiem.
I have heard a part of this CD: it is very, very opera-like, too much for me. And Sarah sings in only a few songs.

Sarah sings a lot of songs written by Andrew Lloyd Webber on the "collection" CDs Surrender, the unexpected songs and the almost identical The Andrew Lloyd Webber collection. And there is also the following CD:

[CD-cover] Sarah Brightman Sings the Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber (1992)
The track list (with links to lyrics) shows that only two songs are not on the two collection CDs just mentioned.


A bit of Christmas news

Two Christmas CDs are released at the end of 1998 on which Sarah sings two or three songs (thanks to Colin M. and Marie-Claude ... for info):

[CD-cover] The Christmas concert in Vienna from 25 Dec. 1997 (in Vienna's Rathaus) with Plácido Domingo, Helmut Lotti and Riccardo Cocciante
I saw this concert on TV: not bad, but not really very good I think.
===> track list
[CD-cover] A CD entitled "The All Stars Christmas Album" with songs by Sarah Brightman, Placido Domingo, ... was released on 20 October 1998 by Pgd/Deutsche Grammophon -- see e.g. at
Don't know this CD, but it seems to contain only one song by/with Sarah. According to Marie-Claude the other CD is better.
===> track list



Here follow miscellaneous things that have something to do with Sarah's albums and that I find worth mentioning for some reason or other.  

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