Sarah Brightman - Angel

[Angel] I am your shadow, I am your rain,
I am your longing, a little of your pain
I am red, I am blue,
I am your angel, I am in you

Angel, angel

I am your madness, I am your tears,
I am your sadness, and I am your fears
I am restless, I am your dreams,
I am the moments in between

Angel, angel, oh angel

Aaah, angel
Oooooh, angel
Oooooooh, angel
Oooooooooh, angel
Aaaaaaaaaaah, angel

Angel, angel, angel, angel, ...

Music and lyrics: Jerry Burns, Sally Herbert

From: Dreamchaser (2013)

The song is released for download via the official website on 26 September 2012, when the Dreamchaser album was announced.

It is a cover of a song originally performed Sally Herbert, and later as a duet by Jerry Burns and Sally Herbert. (By the way: Sally is co-producer of Sarah's version.)

Source of the lyrics: The lyrics of the song given above are adapted from this page, but can also be found on several other webpages, with many thanks to Joe Muscolo and Gabor Tocsik for helping me. Later the lyrics appeared on the official Sarah Brightman website via this page and I adapted the lines below accordingly.
The picture at the top-right of the page is taken from the official website.
[also with thanks to Eddy Botazzi]
  1. On all website I've encounters the first line has "I am your rain",
    which sounds a bit strange. Gabor Tocsik points out that it should
    be "I am your aim", which perhaps makes more sense. Yet, the lyrics
    on the official site have "I am your rain", so I keep that for now.
  2. On several websites the second line has "let alone your pain",
    but Sarah sings "a little of your pain", in agreement with the original.
  3. Sarah sings some more words after the second "Angel, angel",
    but sounds most like stretched "Ah" and "Oh", followed by "angel".

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