Sarah Brightman - Glosoli

There is a room
It floats above the stars
This is my home
It's filled with twisted light
Our prayers will speak soon
But not without words
Where I had lost you
But now I've found you
With only one word I reach you
Glowing sun

And here you are and here you are
Now I have found you
It's time to say goodnight
How could I reach you
When you had passed me by
I said the last word
Only this one word
It couldn't save you from the long night
With all the brave hearts in opal sky
Glowing sunday
And in your shadows the frightened eyes

And here you are   --   Glosoli       [repeated many times]

Music and lyrics: Sigur Rós
Additional English lyrics: Chris Difford

From: Dreamchaser (2013)

Source of the lyrics: the CD-booklet of the Japanese release, with thanks to Konstantinos Koutras, with some minor correction by me.
[also with thanks to Eddy Botazzi]

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created: 18 January 2013
last modified: 18 April 2013