Sarah Brightman - Ave Maria

Ave Maria reedificando
Ave Maria Spiritus Dei

O dulcissima atque amantissima
Ave Maria Spiritus Dei

Music and lyrics: Sally Herbert, Mike Hedges, Sarah Brightman
Lyrics: ?

From: Dreamchaser (2013)

Source of the lyrics: the CD-booklet of the Japanese release, with thanks to Konstantinos Koutras.
[also with thanks to Eddy Botazzi]

The lyrics are sung with heavy orchestral music underneath it.
It is almost impossible to understand what is actually sung.
I found an "Ave Maria" originating from Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) at this page and this page (and it's also given elsewhere).
It starts like this: "Ave Maria / o auctrix vite / reedificando salutem" and further down has "O dulcissima atque amantissima".
Based on the English translation given at the mentioned page, I find (I'm not sure what noun to use for "rebuilding" or "restoring" to describe Maria):
Hail Maria [rebuilding/restoring]
Hail Maria Spirit of God

O gentle and loving Mother
Hail Maria Spirit of God

What is in most cases entitled Ave Maria is a Latin prayer.
This has also been performed by Sarah, in the following versions:
  1. Ave Maria -- Schubert-based version
  2. Ave Maria -- partly Spanish, with Fernando Lima
  3. Ave Maria -- Gounod version
The first of these three gives some background information.

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