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The CD-booklet that comes with Sarah's CDs Surrender, The unexpected songs and The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection give an address of the Sarah Brightman fan club, which is managed by Linda Nicholls.
After I send my letter to that address, it appeared from a newsletter (dated 31 August 1997) that the address in the CD booklets has changed as Linda had moved.

Half June 2001 a letter from Linda arrived saying this:
Dear Friends,
It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that as of June 1st 2001, I have decided not to continue my rose as the "Sarah Brighman Official Fan Club".
I have not made this decisione easily, however, I feel the time is right to step down from my position in order to allow someone else to take on the responsibility for the Fan Club.
I have served Sarah and her fans for ten years and during that time I have been fortunate to correspond with many kind and special people, of whom many have become dear friends, I will of course continue to follow Sarah's career with as much interest and anticipation as ever.
May I thank each and every one of you who has offered their support during this time and for the thousands of wonderul letters I have received on Sarah's behalf.
It really has been an honour and privilege to know you all.
With much love and best whishes,
Linda Nicholls.
I think I speak on behalf of all of Sarah's fans when I say:
Linda, a warmhearted thanks for all the work you have done
over the years for Sarah, for us fans and for the Fan Club !!

On 29 August 2001 the following news item was put on the official Sarah Brightman web site:

Sarah Brightman and her management are aware of the necessity creating a new official fan club after Linda Nicholls stepped back. All fans can rest assured that there will be professional fan club services, supported by the artist and her management, in the future. The details will be published on this site.





On 14 June 2001 a letter from Linda came saying that she stops her Fan Club work -- see above for the full text of that letter.


Just before New Years Eve I receive a letter from Linda which starts with this (with some links added):
As I write the last newsletter of the year 2000, so closes the first leg of Sarah's phenomenal La Luna World Tour. More than 55 concert performances in no less than 7 countries, the show has proved to be the most successful and critically acclaimed to date.
The fact is, that Sarah has performed more concerts than ANY other British act in the U.S. in the last four years. This distinction builds on her status as a recording artist who has sold more than 7 million copies worldwide and over 2 million in the U.S. alone. La Luna having been certified Gold status there recently.
I am now delighted to be able to release plans for the year 2001
Which is followed by a list of concert dates for Febraury - April 2001; see my La Luna World Tour page.

Then Linda writes that the tour will conclude with a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on 10 April 2001 (Rob Edwards wrote me, however, that this concert is on 10 May!). And that the "La Luna Longform Home Video and DVD" are to be released worldwide on EMI-label o 8 January 2001 -- see my La Luna video page.
Sarah is in the UK in January 2001 to promote the release of La Luna (isn't that on sale there then???) and makes several TV-appearances, Linda writes, adding:

Across Europe, La Luna album will be re-launched in a special slip case. The album contains three more tracks and is identical with the U.S.-version.
Which implies that us European fans who bought the European release of April 2000 are cheated again, or are forced to buy the new CD too .... if they have not bought the non-European version yet, as I did ....
Let us hope that they, the record companies, do not pull that trick on us again in the future !!

On 27 June 2000 I received a letter, dated 21 June, giving a list of concert dates of Sarah's La Luna world tour 2000 between 15 September and 30 November, with for some concerts a "no date" mark. The full list, with all dates that I know of, is given on my La Luna tour page.
The letter gives no other info.

On 8 March 2000 I received another letter from Linda, which reads:

I must begin this first newsletter of the new millennium by thanking every one who sent Christmas cards and gifts to Sarah and myself over the festive season. I assure you that all items addressed to Sarah were sent on to her home, and she has asked me to pass on her gratitude and warmest wishes to you all.
Sarah spent New Year's Eve in Hong Kong, performing at the Millennium Extravaganza. This event was broadcast on CNN around the world. The highlight of the evening was a duet with Sarah and Chinese superstar, Jackie Cheung, singing "There for me".
After completion of her immensely successful tour of the US last autumn, Sarah began recording her new album, which is planned for release in April throughout Europe and in the autumn in other territories. The new albums title is "LA LUNA".
This is followed by some info on performances by Sarah in 2000.
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