Sarah Brightman -- Concert programme
"La Luna" tour in 2000/2001

The programme as printed in the concert programme booklet gives the first 20 songs listed below, i.e. without the encores.
I saw the concert on 3 December in Rotterdam, where Sarah skipped three of the songs from the main programme, and she ended with one of the encores. Why these changes were made, I do not know.
The concerts in the second leg of the tour, in 2001, have the same songs as those of the first leg, as far as I know.
Links lead to the lyrics of the songs and the CDs on which the songs appear; follow those links too if you want to know who wrote the songs. (If a song appears on more than one CD, only the "main" CD is linked to.) There are no links back to this page.

part 1
La lune
           from: La Luna (non-European version)
Winter in July
           from: La Luna (non-European version)
Scarburough fair
           from: La Luna
Who wants to live forever
           from: Timeless / Time to say goodbye
Hijo de la luna
           from: La Luna
Figlio perduto
           from: La Luna
La luna
           from: La Luna
La califfa
           from: La Luna
Pie Jesu     --     (solo version)
           from: Surrender
Nessun dorma
           from: Eden
part 2
Siren     --     (instrumental)
           from: Dive
Whiter shade of pale
           from: La Luna (non-European version)
Deliver me
           from: Eden
He doesn't see me
           from: La Luna (non-European version)
There for me     --     (all-English version; duet with Josh Groban)
           original from: Timeless / Time to say goodbye
First of May    *)
           from: Eden -- the single
           and: La Luna (European version)
Twisted every way / Phantom Overture
           from: Phantom of the Opera
Whishing you where somehow here again
           from: Surrender
All I ask of you    **)
           from: The ALW collection
Music of the night    *)
           from: Surrender
Question of honour
           from: Fly
Moon river
           from: La Luna (non-European version)
Time to say goodbye    ***)
           from: Timeless / Time to say goodbye
*) On the programme in the booklet, but not sung at several (all?) concerts in 2000 [including Rotterdam (NL) and Grand Rapids (MI/USA)]; it was sung at the 2001 concert in San Francisco (CA/USA).
**) On the programme in the booklet, but not sung at several (all?) concerts in 2000 [including Rotterdam (NL), Greenville (SC/USA) and Grand Rapids (MI/USA)].
***) Was the last song of the main programme in Rotterdam (NL). Sarah performed it solo at all (?) concerts.

It seems Sarah changes the programme she sings from time to time, perhaps to try out what order is best, or just for variation for herself and the orchestra.
In Grand Rapids and in Auburn Hills (Michigan, USA), for example, the second act part with Siren then Deliver Me then Whiter Shade Of Pale.

Thanks for various bits info and help to: Glen J. Clark, Andy McGowen, Chad, Kevin Farley

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