Sarah Brightman - La Lune

Light in the night with the stars and the moon,
And the sun's turned off.
When the moon is high,
And the sun's turned off.

         ["That's one small step for man,
           one giant leap for mankind"

Sous les nuages de la nuit
je marche vers la clairière.
D'un éclat argenté je la vois,
la lune.

Elle porte les voiles de l'éternité,
son auréole embrasse les étoiles, ma lune.

music: Frank Peterson
lyrics: Anna-Lena Strasse

From: La Luna: non-European version (2000)

Source of the lyrics: the CD-booklet, with many thanks to Loo Jiaming, with some minor changes in the interpunction by me.

The lines given above in italics are not in the CD-booklet. The first four (which are in English) are sung/spoken by Sarah very, very unclearly and at the background, so I am very uncertain of the words. The lines given above are my guess, with important additions by Gary Weibert and Jessika Smith. Lele thinks the first line reads:
By the light of the silvery moon
which could well be true -- I simply cannot understand what is said.
At the background there are also some "space sounds", it seems. And after Sarah has sung those four English lines, you can hear Neil Armstrong's famous words.
The French words start only after about 2 minutes into the song.

The CD-booklet also gives a translation, which Jiaming also sent me. I have adapted the interpuction to fit the French above and replaced 'it(s)' by 'her' or 'she', as the moon is regarded as female in French and in general also in English she/her are used for the moon. The word 'clairière' in the second line is translated as 'clearing', meaning here an open space between trees or so.
The resulting translation is:

The Moon

Under the clouds of the night,
I walk towards the clearing.
In a silver burst, I see her,
the moon.

She wears the veils of eternity,
her halo embraces the stars, my moon.

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created: 16 August 2000
last modified: 12 February 2005