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Loreena McKennitt - The journey so far
& A Midsummer Night's Tour Highlights

Excerpt from the official Quinlan Road WWW-site:

The Journey So Far - The Best of Loreena McKennitt is a commemorative recording to celebrate 30 years as a performing and recording artist. This captivating retrospective, follows along an exotic sonic road of career highlights reflecting the scope and diversity of her catalogue and travels.
"When I look back on the road from where I have come, the people I've met, the places and experiences which have informed the music, or even where we created or recorded, I marvel at how rich my journey has been." says Loreena.
It's available as a standard CD, deluxe 2 disc set, digital download, as well as in a limited edition, 180-gram, numbered vinyl format.
The deluxe 2 disc set includes A Midsummer Night's Tour Highlights [tour page], which features nine tracks recorded during her live performance at the Zitadelle fortress in Mainz, Germany in July 2012.
The album is released March 2014.


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CD one  =  The Journey So Far, The best of LM
  1. The mystic's dream (album edit)
    from: The mask and mirror
  2. Bonny Portmore
    from: The visit
  3. The bonny swans (album edit)
    from: The mask and mirror
  4. The mummers' dance (single remix)
    from: The book of secrets
  5. Down by the Sally Gardens
    from: The wind that shakes the barley
  6. Stolen child
    from: Elemental
  7. The Lady Of Shalott (album edit)
    from: The visit
  8. Marco Polo -- (instrumental)
    from: The book of secrets
  9. Penelope's song
    from: An ancient muse
  10. Huron 'Beltane' fire dance -- (instrumental)
    from: Parallel dreams
  11. The old ways
    from: The visit
  12. Dante's prayer
    from: The book of secrets
      CD two  =  A Midsummer Night's Tour Highlights
  1. The star of the County Down
    from: The wind that shakes the barley
  2. Night ride across the Caucasus
    from: The book of secrets
  3. The dark night of the soul
    from: The mask and mirror
  4. Santiago -- (instrumental)
    from: The mask and mirror
  5. Beneath a phrygian sky
    from: An ancient muse
  6. As I roved out
    from: The wind that shakes the barley
  7. All souls night
    from: The visit
  8. Caravanserai
    from: An ancient muse
  9. Full circle
    from: The mask and mirror
The journey so far - Quinlan Road, 2014 (QRCD116X)
The cited text are adapted from Quinlan Road WWW-site;
the CD cover was downloaded from the amazon.com website.

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Loreena's comments on the inside of the album cover:

Note to the traveller

Of the many journeys we can take, the ones into the unknown can sometimes be the most compelling. Not only did music choose me (rather than me, it), so did the road of the Celts beckon, at first to Ireland, and then far beyond to Spain, Morocco, Turkey, China, Mongolia, Greece and other distant points.
The retrospective, The Journey So Far, is simplty that -- musical snapshots of a journey yet to complete itself ... and perhaps never will. And like many snapshots, these songs reflect the numerous exotic and culturally rich places to which I have travelled, and the many generous, talented and adventurous poeple by whom I have enriched along the way.
All of us being pilgrims of sorts, coming from different points of the compass, sharing the road together for a while and on one so rich -- we can only wonder where it will lead us from here.
I hope this inspires many of you on your journeys and reflections to who knows where. Thank you for sharing my road.

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