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Loreena McKennitt -- A moveable musical feast

Quote from the official web site:

A Moveable Musical Feast is a unique souvenir of Loreena McKennitts 2007 An Ancient Muse tour and offers a rare backstage look at one of contemporary musics most interesting live performers. Through candid interviews with Loreena, her band, crew, fans and professional colleagues from the Canadian music industry, we gain insight into her career, work ethic and the artistry that has been the foundation of her remarkable musical journey. Loreena and her fellow travellers entertain us with stories of how her show 'goes up', discuss the joys and challenges of their nomadic life when 'on the road' and share their thoughts on the creative relationships they have with each other, the music and the audience.

A Moveable Musical Feast features 25 minutes of previously unreleased musical performances. From a vantage point even better than a front-row seat, we join Loreena and her musicians centre stage and observe the musical alchemy first-hand as they perform "The Highwayman", "Never-Ending Road (Amhrán Duit)" and "The Gates of Istanbul".

The picture on the top-left is the cover of the DVD. For more information, see this page at the official website.


I have not seen the DVD yet.

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