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Loreena McKennitt - Troubadours on the Rhine


When Loreena McKennitt released The wind that shakes the barley (2010) she visited several countries to help promote the album. During the promotional tour she performed an hour long concert in the studios of German radio station SWR1 - accompanied only by Brian Hughes (guitars) and Caroline Lavelle (cello), who have long been part of her tours and recordings.
The album is released on 27 February 2012.


Links are given to the original studio album version
  1. Bonny Portmore
    from: The visit
  2. Down by the Sally Gardens
    from: The wind that shakes the barley
  3. The wind that shakes the barley
    from: The wind that shakes the barley
  4. Between the shadows   (instrumental)
    from: The visit
  5. The Lady of Shalott
    from: The visit
  6. Stolen child
    from: Elemental
  7. Penelope's song
    from: An ancient muse
  8. The bonny swans
    from: The mask and mirror
  9. The parting glass
    from: The wind that shakes the barley
Troubadours on the Rhine - Quinlan Road, 2012 (QRCD115)
The CD cover and cited text are adapted from Quinlan Road WWW-site.

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