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Loreena McKennitt - A Midsummer Night's Tour
Tour in 2012

On 1 March 2012 Loreena announced a second tour -- following the Celtic Footprints Tour of March to April -- for the Summer of 2012, entitled A Midsummer Night's Tour, with mainly concerts in Germany plus the Cambridge Folk Festival.

Tour dates were at one time listed on the official website; see this list at my site.

The announcement writes this about the tour:

Loreena's summer tour will have a different musical flavour than her recently announced spring Celtic Footprints Tour and will incorporate more of the Celtic-related Eastern influences. "I'm thrilled to be coming back to Europe again this summer and sharing a different kind of performance," says Loreena, "Many of the concerts will also be outdoors, which creates a unique atmosphere and experience for both the audience and the musicians."

A Midsummer Night's Tour will encompass Cologne, Berlin, Dresden, Lorrach, Mainz, Wurzburg, Munich, Gelsenkirchen and includes a performance at the Cambridge Folk Festival, one of the longest running and most famous folk festivals in the world. As you know from earlier dispatches, Loreena recently announced her Celtic Footprints Tour, a 32-performance, 11-country spring tour that kicks off March 17 in Switzerland and winds up April 27 in Spain. That tour, which includes 12 performances in Germany, will pay homage to the more traditional roots of Celtic music, celebrating the many Celtic "footprints" throughout Europe. Many of those concerts are sold out or are close to sold out.

Highlights of the concert, nine live tracks,
are released as second CD along with the
"The Best Of" album The Journey So Far (2014).

The tour image at the top of the page was found on one of the sites selling tickets.

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