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Loreena McKennitt - A Mediterranean Odyssey


Extract from the Official website:

A Mediterranean Odyssey is a two-disc collection that commemorates Loreena's 2009 Mediterranean tour and combines newly recorded live performances of audience favorites with previously released studio recordings, all inspired by the tones, textures and rich cultural heritage of the Mediterranean.

The first disc, From Istanbul to Athens, features 56 minutes of concert highlights from the tour, including several songs that have never before been recorded live. It also includes a 24-page booklet with lavish illustrations and photos from the tour.

The second CD, The Olive and the Cedar, consists of 11 conceptualized studio versions of songs personally selected by Loreena from her catalogue. The disc focuses on her musical travel writing approach to the studio recording process and her inspiration in relation to the history of the Celts around the Aegean, the Mediterranean, North Africa and the near East.

Since this double CD contains only songs I already have and since I usually dot not like live recordings too much, I do not plan to buy this album.


See the alphabetic lyrics index for the names of the original albums and links to lyrics.

From Istanbul to Athens

  1. The Gates Of Istanbul
  2. The Dark Night Of The Soul
  3. Marco Polo
  4. Penelopes Song
  5. Sacred Shabbat
  6. Caravanserai
  7. Santiago
  8. Beneath A Phrygian Sky
  9. Tango To Evora
  10. Full Circle

The Olive And The Cedar

  1. The Mystics Dream
  2. Tango To Evora
  3. The Gates Of Istanbul
  4. Penelopes Song
  5. Marco Polo
  6. Marrakesh Night Market
  7. Santiago
  8. Caravanserai
  9. The Dark Night Of The Soul
  10. Sacred Shabbat
  11. The Mummers Dance

A Mediterranean Odyssey - Quinlan Road, 2009 (B002MTTZ6M)

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