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Loreena McKennitt
Nights from the Alhambra

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Quote from the official web site (where also
the image on the right comes from): Alhambra

On September 13, 14 and 15 [2006], Loreena and her fellow musicians performed live at the Alhambra, the beautiful historic monument and Unesco World Heritage site in Granada, Spain. Concert attendees were treated to performances of a selection of Loreenas best-loved songs as well as a preview of three tracks from An Ancient Muse: Caravanserai, Penelopes Song and Never-ending Road (Amhrán Duit).

For those who weren't able to travel to Spain for these performances, good news awaits: the September 13 and 14 performances were filmed for a forthcoming PBS Great Performances special set to air in early 2007. Quinlan Road Community members will be among the first to know when air dates for this special television event are confirmed. Moreover, we hope to have video excerpts from those performances to share with you on the Quinlan Road website in the months to come.

The picture on the top-left is the cover of the first version of the DVD, and of the copy I have. The top-right picture is the cover of a new version, which (as far as I know) is the same as the one I have. Both DVD-sets come with a double-CD of the concert. For more information, see this page at the official website.


Introduction of the video by Loreena on the official website:
If these stones could speak ... As performers, we know that the mysterious and thrilling chemistry between musicians and audience can make a special place of any stage. How much more mysterious and thrilling it was, then, to find ourselves assembling our instruments in the very heart of the Alhambra Palace, a place I have dreamed of performing in from the first time I walked among its enchanted walls. I believe that the real beauty of the Alhambra is that it holds our dreams of the eternal within its stones - that same eternal truth, perhaps, that we performers strive for when we share our songs and stories. I am honoured to share our nights in the Alhambra, and our musical journey, with you. ~ LM


So far I have seen almost the whole DVD once and my first impression is: very good!

It is really nice to see and hear Loreena perform. The other musicians are giving their best too, and clearly enjoying the performance as well. The filming of the concert is on the whole rather good, although once and a while the camera moves a bit too fast for my liking. It is nice to also see parts of the wonderful Alhambra and some scenery shots during parts of a few songs.

I myself have been to two concerts in Belgium (Brussels and Antwerp) in April 2007, and I have to say: seeing and hearing Loreena live is even nicer and more intens than watching the show on the DVD.

Set list & musicians

The following table lists the songs performed at the Alhambra concert, with links to the individual lyrics (if the song has lyrics) and to the original (studio) albums of the songs.
Set 1 Set 2
  1. The mystic's dream
    from: The mask and mirror
  2. She moved through the fair
    from: Elemental
  3. Stolen child
    from: Elemental
  4. The mummers' dance
    from: The book of secrets
  5. Penelope's song
    from: An ancient muse
  6. Marco Polo
    from: The book of secrets
  7. The bonny swans
    from: The mask and mirror
  8. Dante's prayer
    from: The visit
  9. Caravanserai
    from: An ancient muse
  1. Bonny Portmore
    from: The visit
  2. Santiago
    from: The mask and mirror
  3. Raglan Road
    (not released on a studio album)
  4. All souls night
    from: The visit
  5. The Lady of Shalott
    from: The visit
  6. The old ways
    from: The visit
  7. Never-ending road (Amhrán Duit)
    from: An ancient muse


  8. Huron 'beltane' fire dance
    from: Parallel dreams
  9. Cymbeline
    from: The visit
The following is a list of the musicians as mentioned in the DVD booklet.
Loreena McKennitt   Vocals, Accordion, Harp, Piano
Tal Bergman   Drums, Percussion
Panos Dimitrakopoulos   Kanoun
Nigel Eaton   Hurdy Gurdy
Steáfán Hannigan   Uilleann Pipers, Bodhrán, Percussion
Brian Hughes   Electric and Accoustic Guitars, Oud, Celtic Bouzouki
Tim Landers   Accoustic and Electric Bass
Caroline Lavelle   Cello
Rick Lazar   Percussion
Hugh Marsh   Violin
Donald Quan   Viola, Keyboards, Tabla
Sokratis Sinopoulos   Lyra
Haig Yazdjian   Oud

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