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This page contains some tidbits on Loreena and her music:
   >   Tv program "Spirit, show & songs" -- which introduced me to Loreena's work
   >   Some photos of Loreena
   >   Appearances of Loreena on CDs of others
   >   Loreena's music in TV Series ROAR


Tv program "Spirit, show & songs"

On 17 nov. 1994 I watched a program on the Dutch tv about spirituality in pop music, entitled Spirit, show & songs and for the first time I heard Loreena McKennitt. This tv program featured also Tori Amos and Leonard Cohen (and some less interesting artists), and it consisted of interviews and fragments of songs. A lot of what was said in the program was rather vague and misty to me. I looked at the program because I like Tori Amos' first CD Little Earthquakes, and I also have some CDs of Leonard Cohen. To me though, Loreena made by far the best impression, because of what she said and because of her music and singing. Loreena was clearest in what she said and how she said it, and that also appealed to me.
One of the things Loreena said was this:
In the same way that I try to lead my life with few expectations, I try to live it with no regret, and also no wishing that I was some other place.
Is that the trick???


Some photos of Loreena

Here's [small
photo] a photo of the interview with Loreena.

And here's a nice [large 
photo] large photo (190kb) of Loreena.

There are also three photos of Loreena singing songs from The visit.


Appearances of Loreena on CDs of others

Loreena has worked together with many different artists and I guess that some songs where Loreena sings have appeared on CDs of other artists. This is the only appearance I know of: If you want to find out if Loreena appeared on more other CDs, check the site I give on the page Links to Loreena McKennitt on the Web.


Loreena's music in TV Series ROAR

Loreena's songs feature in the TV Series ROAR, an action-adventure drama set in 400 AD Ireland, so I am told by Christie Morgan, who maintains the fan site RoarLivesOn.com. Christine adds that if you listen to The Mystic's Dream, Full Circle and Cymbeline then you know the magic and depth that was ROAR.
There was also an Official Roar site of Universal Television, which gave the following quote, said to the main character of the series:

It's time to forget your own selfish need for revenge.
You were born to a greater purpose.
Listen ... Listen with your heart.
Remember all we are and all that's
come before your ... And hear the Roar.

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