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Research scientist in atmospheric science (1999-present)

The research described in these papers has been carried out during my stays at
KNMI in De Bilt (1999-2004) and BIRA-IASB in Brussels (2004-2009) and again
KNMI in De Bilt (2011-present).

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UV radiation monitoring from satellite [2002-2004 & 2015-present]

  1. Van Geffen, J., Van der A, R., Van Weele, M., Allaart, M. and Eskes, H.: 2004,
    "Surface UV radiation monitoring based on GOME and SCIAMACHY,"
    in: Proceedings of the ENVISAT & ERS Symposium, 6-10 September 2004,
    Salzburg, Austria, ESA publication SP-572 (CD-ROM).
            ===> Abstract  |  Introduction  |  Conclusions
            ===> PDF file (10 pages; 280kB)

  2. Van Weele, M., Van der A, R.J., Van Geffen, J. and Roebeling, R.: 2005,
    "Space-based surface UV monitoring for Europe using SCIAMACHY and MSG,"
    in: Proceedings of the 12th SPIE International Symposium on Remote Sensing,
    19--22 September 2005, Bruges, Belgium.
            ===> Abstract  |  PDF file (8 pages; 487 kB)

  3. Zempila, M.M., Taylor, M., Fountoulakis, I., Koukouli, M.E., Bais, A., Arola, A., Van Geffen, J., Van Weele, M., Van Der A, R., Kouremeti, N., Kazadzis, S., Meleti, C. and Balis, D.: 2016,
    "CIE, Vitamin D and DNA damage: A synergetic study in Thessaloniki, Greece,"
    in: Proceedings of the Living Planet Symposium 2016,
    9--13 May 2016, Prague, Czech Republic, ESA publication SP-740.
            ===> Abstract  |  PDF file (8 pages; 1.0 MB)

  4. O'Sullivan, F., Laird, E., Kelly, D., van Geffen, J., van Weele, M., McNulty, H., Hoey, L., Healy, M., McCarroll, K., Cunningham, C., Casey, M., Ward, M., Strain, J.J., Molloy, A.M. and Zgaga, L.: 2017,
    "Ambient UVB dose and sun enjoyment are important predictors of vitamin D status in an older population,"
    J. of Nutrition 147, no. 5, 858-868.
            ===> Abstract  |  online paper (11 pages, 1.3MB)

  5. Zempila, M.M., Van Geffen, J.H.G.M., Taylor, M., Fountoulakis, I., Koukouli, M.E., Van Weele, M., Van der A, R.J., Bais, A., Meleti, C. and Balis, D.: 2017,
    "TEMIS UV product validation using NILU-UV ground-based measurements in Thessaloniki, Greece,"
    Atmos. Chem. Phys. 17, 7157-7174.
            ===> Abstract  |  on-line paper (18 pages; 6.8MB)

  6. O'Sullivan, F., van Geffen, J., van Weele, M. and Zgaga, L.: 2018,
    "Annual ambient UVB at wavelengths that induce Vitamin D synthesis is associated with reduced oesophageal and gastric cancer risk: a nested case-control study,"
    Photochem Photobiol. 94, 797-806.
            ===> Abstract  |  on-line paper (10 pages; 560kB)

  7. O'Sullivan, F., Raftery, T., van Weele, M., van Geffen, J., McNamara, D., O'Morain, C., Mahmud, N., Kelly, D., Healy, M., O'Sullivan, M. and Zgaga, L.: 2019,
    "Sunshine is an important determinant of vitamin D status even among high-dose supplement users: secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial in Crohn's disease patients,"
    Photochem Photobiol. 95, 1060-1067.
            ===> Abstract  |  on-line paper (8 pages; 262kB)

  8. Li, X., van Geffen, J., van Weele, M., Meng, X., Zhang, X., He, Y., Timofeeva, M., Campbell, H., Dunlop, M., Zgaga, L. and Theodoratou, E.: 2021,
    "Genetically-predicted vitamin D status, ambient UVB during the pandemic and COVID-19 risk in UK Biobank: Mendelian Randomisation study,"
    Scientific Reports , in review.
            ===> preprint on medRxiv (13 pages; 254kB)

  9. Scott, J., Havyarimana, E., Navarro-Gallinad, A., White, A., Wyse, J., van Geffen, J., van Weele, M., Buettner, A., Wanigasekera, T., Walsh, A., Aslett, L., Kelleher, J.D., Power, J., Ng, J., O'Sullivan, D., Hederman, L., Basu, N., Little, M.A. and Zgaga, L.: 2022,
    "The association between ambient UVB dose and ANCA-associated vasculitis relapse and onset,"
    Arthritis Research & Therapy 24, 147, 14 pp.
            ===> Abstract  |  on-line paper (14 pages; 1.7MB)

  10. Khanna, T., Shraim, R., Zarkovic, M., van Weele, M., van Geffen, J. and Zgaga, L.: 2022,
    "Comprehensive analysis of seasonal and geographical variation in UVB radiation relevant for vitamin D production in Europe,"
    Nutrients 14, 5189-5204.
            ===> Abstract  |  on-line paper (16 pages; 2.8MB)

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