CIE, Vitamin D and DNA damage: A synergetic study in Thessaloniki, Greece

Zempila, M.M., Taylor, M., Fountoulakis, I., Koukouli, M.E., Bais, A., Arola, A., Van Geffen, J., Van Weele, M., Van Der A, R., Kouremeti, N., Kazadzis, S., Meleti, C. and Balis, D.
in: Proceedings of the Living Planet Symposium 2016,
9--13 May 2016, Prague, Czech Republic, ESA publication SP-740.


The present study aims to validate different approaches for the estimation of three photobiological effective doses: the erythemal UV, the vitamin D and that for DNA damage, using high temporal resolution surfacebased measurements of solar UV from 2005-2015. Data from a UV spectrophotometer, a multi-filter radiometer, and a UV radiation pyranometer that are located in Thessaloniki, Greece are used together with empirical relations, algorithms and models in order to calculate the desired quantities. In addition to the surface-based dose retrievals, OMI/Aura and the combined SCIAMACHY/Envisat and GOME/MetopA satellite products are also used in order to assess the accuracy of each method for deriving the photobiological doses.


   1. Introduction
   2. Datasets and instrumentation
      2.1  Ground-based measurements
      2.2  Satellite measurements
   3. Methodology
      3.1  Effective UV doses from the Brewer
      3.2  Effective UV doses from NILU-UV radiances
      3.3  Effective UV doses from the YES UVB-1 pyranometer
   4. Results & discussion
      4.1  NILU-UV and OMI /Aura CIE products
      4.2  NILU-UV, SCIAMACHY/ Envisat and GOME2/ MetopA products   
      4.3. NILU-UV and YES products
   5. Conclusions

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