Surface UV radiation monitoring based on GOME and SCIAMACHY

Jos van Geffen, Ronald van der A, Michiel van Weele, Marc Allaart and Henk Eskes
in: Proceedings of the ENVISAT & ERS Symposium, 6-10 September 2004,
Salzburg, Austria, ESA publication SP-572, 2005 (CD-ROM).


Solar UV radiation reaching the Earth's surface is monitored by means of two quantities: the clear-sky UV index at local solar noon and the daily UV dose. Each quantity is determined on the basis of two action spectra, describing wavelength dependent biological effects of UV radiation, namely erythema (sunburn) and DNA-damage. The quantities are derived from total ozone column measurements by the GOME and SCIAMACHY instruments, assimilated into global ozone fields. For GOME a data archive has been set up spanning the period August 1995 to May 2003. For SCIAMACHY a near-real time service is in operation, which provides a forecast of the erythemal UV index for today and a few days ahead, as well as yesterdays daily erythemal UV dose for Europe (based on METEOSAT cloud cover data). A data archive spanning the SCIAMACHY period will be set up. All data is available at the website of the TEMIS project via


   1. Introduction
   2. UV radiation and action spectra
   3. UV index and UV dose
      3.1  UV index parametrisation
      3.2  Clear-sky UV index derived from ozone measurements
      3.3  Cloud cover correction for the daily UV dose
   4. Validation of the UV data
      4.1  Daily erythemal UV dose validation for Europe
   5. Overview of the TEMIS data service
      5.1  GOME: data archive
      5.2  SCIAMACHY: near-real-time service
      5.3  SCIAMACHY: data archive
   6. Concluding remarks

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