Charlotte Church

How I learned about Charlotte and her wonderful singing:

In the TV guide I saw that on 28 March 1999 there was a programme on BBC  called "Charlotte Church - Ascent of an angel". It was to be a protret of Charlotte, who has release her debut album "Voice of an Angel" in November 1998, which turned platinum in just a few weeks.

Since Sarah Brightman, of whom I am a big fan, is by a lot of people called The Angel Of Music, I obviously had to see this programme.

The portret showed some interview fragments and some songs by Charlotte and I was very much impressed! I was impressed both by Charlotte's cheerful and gentle personallity and by her wonderful singing: Charlotte has a very good voice, even though she was only 13 at that time (Charlotte is born in Cornwall on 21 February 1986). I think that with this voice Charlotte can go on singing for many, many years to come.

Anyway, I went out and bought her debut album and I must say I really love it! And when Charlotte released another CD (simply called Charlotte Church) at the end of 1999, containing a few more songs that Sarah Brightman also sings, I bought that CD too, and without any regrets.
Yes, I love Charlotte's singing !!

In November 2000 Charlotte's third CD was released: Dream a dream, an album with 20 Christmas songs. I bought it too and I certainly like the album.
Comparing this CD with the previouse ones, you can clearly hear that Charlotte's voice has matured: her voice has become stronger and more varied. And it is nice to hear Charlotte sing these Christmas song, some well-known, others I never heard before. All in all a good CD.

October 2001 saw the release of Charlotte's fourth ablum Enchantment, and I think this is a good CD, with a nice collection of varied songs. You can clearly hear that Charlotte's voice has matured since her first album.
One of the songs on the album is with Josh Groban, another young singer (born in 1981) with a good voice.

Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church



Voice of an angel
Charlotte Church
Dream a dream



Some of the songs Charlotte sings are also sung by Sarah Brightman or Loreena McKennitt or Vicki Brown, sometimes in a (somewhat) different version. For that reason I give on these pages the track lists of Charlotte's albums, with links to the lyrics of the songs by Sarah and selected other lyrics, if the songs has some relation with other Web pages I have.

I have no plans to provide lyrics here, as I have done for Sarah's songs. For full lyrics I used to point to a fan website (, but it seems to have vanished from the Web. Meanwhile there are several other website with lyrics, e.g. this one.

For more info, news, pictures and links, see e.g. the USA-based very extensive Web site for Charlotte's fans

Furthermore, there is a Sony Web site with official info and some pictures (I copied the CD-covers from this site).

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