Charlotte Church

[CD-cover] Enchantment

In October 2001 Charlotte Church released her fourth album.
Here follows the track list, with links to selected lyrics, of the UK release; it is this release that I have myserlf. Below the track list follow some notes on different released (why do record companies do that???).
For all lyrics see this fan page.


  1. Tonight
           from: "West Side Story"
           ===> lyrics
  2. Carrickfergus
           ===> lyrics
  3. Habanera
           from: "Carmen"
  4. Bali Ha'I
           from: "South Pacific"
  5. Papa Can You Hear Me
           from: "Yentl"
  6. The Flower Duet
           from: "Lakmé"
  7. The Little Horses
  8. From My First Moment
           from: "Gymnopedie No.1"
  9. The Water Is Wide
  10. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
           from: "Snowboat"
  11. The Laughing Song
           from: "Die Fledermaus"
  12. If I Loved You
           from: "Carousel"
  13. A Bit Of Earth
           from: "The Secret Garden"
  14. Somewhere
           from: "West Side Story"
           ===> lyrics
  15. The Prayer
           featuring Josh Groban   *)
           ===> lyrics
  16. It's The Heart That Matters Most
           from: "Christmas Carol, The Movie"
  *) This song also appears on Josh's self-titled debut album (2001).

Different releases

The above track list is from the UK release.
The North American standard release misses the last song.
A North American special edition, available only at Target Stores has as songs 16 and 17:
  1. Tra Bo Dau
  2. Elegie
The Japanese edition has as song 16:
  1. Bridge Over Troubled Water

With thanks to Jim Waters for info

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