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I first heard Josh Groban sing at the La Luna concert of Sarah Brightman I went to in December 2000 in Rotterdam. At that concert Sarah and Josh sang a duet: an all-English version of There for me, and I was impressed by Josh's singing: it was very good and pleasant! Josh's voice is not as warm and strong as José Cura's on the original version of There more me, but then again Josh is still rather young (he was born in 1981) and his voice still has to mature. And I really think that Josh will be a singer we will hear more of!

Josh Groban has also been singing together with Charlotte Church, another young singer (born in 1986) with a wonderful voice. In fact, Charlotte and Josh also recorded together, and Charlotte is singing on Josh's debut album; see below.



[CD cover]  
Josh Groban's self-titled debut album was released in November 2001. It guest stars Charlotte Church, The Corrs and Lili Haydn.
All in all I quite like this album  
Track list
  1. Alla Luce Dal Sole
  2. Gira Con Me
  3. You're Still You
  4. Cinema Paradiso (Se)
  5. To Where You Are
  6. Alejate
  7. Canto Alla Vita   --   featuring The Corrs
  8. Let Me Fall
  9. Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)
  10. Un Amore Per Sempre
  11. Home To Stay
  12. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring   --   featuring Lili Haydn
  13. The Prayer   --   featuring Charlotte Church
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Since the release of his debut album, Josh has continued singing and has released more albums. As I only have listed this debut album because of my web pages on Sarah Brightman, I do not intend to place more info here.  


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