Sarah Brightman -- tour 2000
"La Luna" tour

Following the release of the CD La Luna, Sarah undertakes a another World Tour in the autumn of 2000. As part of this La Luna Tour Sarah also visits Europe -- the table below gives the dates of the concerts I know of.

The dates came from the official Sarah Brightman Web Site or from the list given by Elden; other dates I received by email.

By the way: earlier a number of concerts were announced for the spring of 2000, but those seem to be cancelled at the last moment and 'postponed' to the autumn of 2000.


Before this, Sarah toured South and North America

Europe -- autumn 2000
date country town venue
21 November 2000 Norway Oslo Oslo Spektrum
22 November 2000 Sweden Stockholm Globen
24 November 2000 Sweden Borlänge *) Kuppolen
25 November 2000 Sweden Göteborg Scandinavium
26 November 2000 Denmark Copenhagen Forum
27 November 2000 Denmark Ålborg Ålborghal
30 November 2000 Estonia Tallinn *) Linnhall
02 December 2000 Finland Tampere *) Ice Hall (Sporthall)
03 December 2000 Netherlands Rotterdam *) Ahoy'
06 December 2000 Switserland Zürich Hallenstadion
07 December 2000 Germany Mannheim Mozartsaal
08 December 2000 Germany Düsseldorf Philipshalle
10 December 2000 Germany München Olympiahalle
12 December 2000 Austria Wien Stadthalle
14 December 2000 Germany Berlin ICC, Saal 1
16 December 2000 Poland Warsaw Grand Theatre
19 December 2000 Russia St. Petersburg *) Octlabrsky
22 December 2000 Russia Moscow *) Kremi

After this, Sarah tours Asia

*) Notes (alphabetic on place name):

A poster of the Swedish La Luna tour concerts I saw only mentioned the concerts in Stockholm and Götenborg, not this one in Borlänge, so I am not sure whether it actually took place.
The concert was not listed on the official Sarah Brightman Web Site and Andrey Khodak informed me there has been no concert.
Thanks to Ron Abbink for letting me know.
It is not listed at the official Sarah Brightman Web Site, but that site is very infrequently updated.
[A concert was first planned in Amsterdam for 16 December 2000, but that was cancelled before tickets came on sale.]
===> concert in Rotterdam page
St. Petersburg
The concert is not listed on the official Sarah Brightman Web Site and it did not to take place at all according to Andrey Khodak, who had been trying to get tickets.
The concert is not listed on the official Sarah Brightman Web Site.
This concert was cancelled at the last moment, by way of only a very small advertisement in some Finish newspapers .... A lot of fans never new and appeared at the door of the Ice Hall in vain.
Thanks to Paula Lehtonen for info on this concert. Tickets for the concert were already on sale in the Spring if 2000; but the concert was never listed at the official Sarah Brightman Web Site.
See also the notes below on the cancelled spring 2000 concerts

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Spring 2000

Following Sarah's 1999 World Tour entitled One night in Eden, some concerts in Europe were announced for the spring of 2000, which I thought might serve as a trial of her new World Tour 2000, following the release of a new CD, entitled La Luna.

It seemed that all concerts in the spring of 2000 have been cancelled. Thanks to Jörg Kubitza for this info, who added: "I only know for sure that the concert in Berlin was cancelled. However, according to the wording of the press information the entire tour is cancelled. Who has a ticket for the remaining concerts should check with his local concert agency in order to avoid to stand in front of closed doors."

Concerts are postponned to the end of the year; see at the top of this page on dates and such.


Europe -- spring 2000   |   some (all?) are cancelled!
date country town venue
28 March 2000 Denmark Copenhagen *) Falkoner Teatret
30 March 2000 Sweden Malmö *) Baltiska Hallen
31 March 2000 Sweden Gothenburg Scandinavium
03 April 2000 Estonia Tallinn *) ??
11 April 2000 Germany Hamburg Sporthalle
12 April 2000 Germany Berlin *) Max-Schmeling-Halle *)
13 April 2000 Germany Mannheim Rosengarten
14 April 2000 Germany Oberhausen Arena
17 April 2000 Germany München Olympiahalle
18 April 2000 Switzerland Zürich Hallenstadion
20 April 2000 Austria Wien *) Kurhalle

*) Notes (alphabetic on place name):

Originally I saw at Elden's page as venue "ICC" (International Congress Center) for the 12 April concert, but Jörg Kubitza from Germany informed me and Elden that the concert would be in the Max-Schmeling-Halle.
Later Jörg wrote that this concert was cancelled at the last moment and moved to 14 December; see the table at the top of this page.
I was informed by Peter Mikkelsen of the 28 March concert.
Arve Haugen informed me in April that this concert was cancelled too and moved to late November.
The 28 March concert was advertised as a "prewiev" concert, wrote Peter, who kindly sent me the ad:
Danish ad JPEG picture (47 kb)
(see also this page in Danish)
Johan Beyer informed me of this 30 March concert.
Thanks to Gjøran Arntsen, Tormod Eriksen and Arve Haugen for informing me about the Oslo concert on 21 November.
Tarmo Michelson from Estonia wrote me that there seems to be a concert on 3 April.
Yura Spiridonov informed me later that the concert has been moved to November 2000; Yura added: "Information about the concert will be presented at, but only in Estonian".
Rumour has it that this 20 April concert was moved to the end of 2000 as well.

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