Sarah Brightman -- No concert in Amsterdam
"La Luna" tour in 2000

Sarah's La Luna World Tour -- after the release of her CD La Luna -- brings her past several places in Europe.

For a while a concert in Amsterdam was planned for 16 December 2000 (and was planned to take place in the RAI), but this concert has been cancelled!!

A new date for a possible concert in The Netherlands is not known, and judging from the European dates available Sarah is not likely to visit The Netherlands in 2000.

Just for the record I keep this page, created when I heard about the Amsterdam concert, with some notes about that now cancelled concert. (I did adapt the choice of the words, of course, to make the text fit the new situation.)

The concert in Amsterdam was again (like the One night in Eden concert in 1999) organised by a charity organisation called "Day by Day", the goal of which is to raise funds for research into and fight against leukeaemia, so a part of the ticket price would be going to this foundation. They seem to organise more benefit-concerts (their first one was José Carreras in 1994).
Note, by the way, that the 1999 concert was also first cancelled, but it did take place some 6 weeks after the original date.
It seems that "Day by Day" is trying to get Sarah to come in spring 2001; maybe, just maybe, they will succeed.

The advance booking of tickets for the concert would start in September, so I am told, but in June it was already possible to order tickets at the "Day by Day" foundation (when I heard about this, on 13 June, a lot of tickets were already gone). Ticket prices, excluding 10 guilders for reservations, would be:

    95 guilders  =   43 euro  =   42 US-dollar
   135 guilders  =   61 euro  =   59 US-dollar
   265 guilders  =  120 euro  =  116 US-dollar

   The 1999 concert in The Hague had similar prices
   and the highest price included a fancy dinner;
   perhaps that also is the case this time.

Would I have attended this concert?
I do not know.

The problem is that since my eyes are not so good (my eye-sight is 12.5%), which means that I have to sit quite close to the stage to really see what is going on in the show. At the 1999 concert in The Hague I certainly was sitting too far from the stage (with a ticket of 85 guilders): it was nice to hear the music and Sarah sing live, but I did not see any detail of the show, just a general view. Only when I had the One night in Eden video did I see details of Sarah and the show.

In order to sit close enough to the stage I would have to buy one of the most expensive tickets, and even then I wonder how much I will see of it -- I am not sure I want to spend 265 guilders (plus a trip to Amsteram) for a concert. Besides that, I am not much of a concert go-er, so maybe I will just wait for the La Luna video to be released. I expect a video will be released, as there will be a special performance filmed in London for world wide television at the end of three weeks rehearsal there, so the official SB web site says.

I would love to have the programme book, though, even if I do not go to the concert.

Stichting "Day by Day"

Wat de Stichting "Day by Day" betreft verder even wat info in het Nederlands voor de Nederlanders. Een folder meldt als "profiel" van de stichting:
De stichting werd in juli 1993 opgericht, o.a. door mevrouw A.C.W.M. Trimbach-Rombouts, voorzitter. De bestuursleden doen hun werk belangeloos.

De stichting heeft als doel het werven van fondsen voor onderzoek naar en de bestrijding van leukemie alsmede lymfklierkanker ten behoeve van alle mensen ongeacht ras, sexe, politiek en religieuze gezindheid.

Het bestuur onderhoudt een nauwe samenwerking met de José Carreras International Leukaemia Foundation in Barcelona.

Secretatiaat van de stichting heeft als adres:
Zeezigt 80 -- 1111 TM Diemen -- tel.:  030 - 6003552
Althans volgens een folder die ik nog bleek te hebben; de info kan dus achterhaald zijn.
De stichting is kennelijk bezig [Okt. 2006] met het opzetten van een eigen website.

Thanks to Werner Steinmann for informing me about the concert date and prices. And to Frans van der Heiden for further info.

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created: 13 June 2000
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