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Forth Bridges

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Forth Bridges seen from an aeroplane that has just left Edinburgh airport. The aeroplane window was not entirely clean and it was hazy outside.
In front the Forth Bridge, for the train, behind it the Forth Road Bridge; South Queensferry is to the left.
From The Rough Guide -- Scotland (1996 edition):

Everything in South Queensferry is overshadowed, quite literally, by the two great bridges, each about a mile and a half in length, which travers the Firth of Forth at its narrowest point. The cantilevered Forth Rail Bridge, built from 1883 to 1890 by Sir John Fowler and Benjamin Baker, ranks among the supreme achievements of Victorian engineering. Some 50,000 tons of steel were used in the construction of a design that manages to exude grace as well as might. Derived from American models, the suspension format chosen for the Forth Road Bridge makes a perfect complement to the older structure. Erected between 1958 and 1964, it finally killed off the 900-year-old ferry, and attracts such a heavy volume of traffic that plans are afoot to build yet another bridge. It's well worth walking across its footpath to Fife for the tremendous views of the Rail Bridge.
The ferry was initiated by Queen Margaret in the 11th century to make travelling to Dunfermline easier; the ferry ran between what became the towns of South and North Queensferry.

Forth Road Bridge seen from the Town Pier in North Queensferry, fading into the mist.

Forth Bridge seen from North Queensferry at the same day.

This map (17 kb) shows a red square where these three photos were taken; dates: 18 Sept. 1997 and 16 May 1998 (twice)

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