Sarah Brightman - Nothing like you've ever known

Nothing like you've ever known
That's the life I thought that I was gonna show you
Lonely girls believe such things
That's one happy ever after that I owe you
Married man always looking at
You watch
I wanted to spend more time than twelve till two
Loving you
And nothing like it should have been
Every time I think it's gonna be the last time
Each time I expect to much
Being wrong can get to be a painful pastime

Something new that is all it was
You know
But when you need someone any love will do
Sad but true
And nothing like we've ever known
That is how I thought all our tomorrows would be
I thought we were all we'd need
Goes to show you just how wrong two people could be

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Lyrics: Don Black.
Show: "Tell me on a Sunday" (1979) / "Song and dance" (1982).
Another song from "Tell me on a Sunday", here included with an orchestration by the late Larry Wilcox. It is the first time the orchestration has been played or recorded. [from the CD-booklet]

From: Surrender, The unexpected songs (1995)
and Encore (2002).

Source of the lyrics: written down myself, with help of Jenny.

By the way, of this song I got/found also a second version and a third version, both very different from the one on "Surrender".

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