Version #2 of "Nothing like you've ever known"

Nothing like you've ever known
That's the life I thought that I was gonna show you
You and I had just begun
That's one happy ever after that I owe you
Could have sworn we'd have made the perfect pair
Your heart was on fire when our dream was new
Mine was too...
Oh nothing like I've ever known
I thought you would be my last not just my first love
We were both expecting more
How I miss those early days unrehearsed love
How did we ever let our moment pass
If I live a thousand years it still will be new to me
Oh nothing like we've ever known
Wonder where you are and what on earth you do there
Since then I've known many loves
But each time I close my eyes I still see you there

Lyrics differ from the song with the same title on Surrender, The unexpected songs (1995).

Source of the lyrics: thanks to Lauren.

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last modified: 28 December 2002