Version #3 of "Nothing like you've ever known"

Nothing like you've ever known,
that's the life that I am gonna give to you, love.
We can both have all we need,
even though it only lasts from twelve to two, love.
Married man, you are what I want for now,
a love that is not around me day and night
sounds just right,
and nothing like you've ever dreamed.
I'll be there when your life needs a little shine, love.
When you go I'll cry no tear,
for a love without tomorrow suits me fine love.
Married man, always looking at your watch,
so careful to park your car three blocks away.
That's O.K.
No, nothing like you've ever known.
We can pour hearts out in an afternoon, love.
What we have is wonderful.
Quick, it's late, you have to go.
I'll see you soon love.

Lyrics differ from the song with the same title on Surrender, The unexpected songs (1995).

Source of the lyrics: found on a web site that has gone since.

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last modified: 3 February 2008