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In November 2001 Sarah's CD Classics -- follow the link for details -- was released outside Europe. Again, it appears, different countries are getting (slightly) different versions of a CD by Sarah, which is very confusing and rather frustrating for the fans.

Here is a list of versions I have heard of from visitors of my pages or found by me somewhere on the Web.

Japanese version (released 2001):
Has the 15 songs from the original Classics but with songs 2 and 6 exchanged: Lascia ch'io pianga appears second and La Wally sixth.
Additionally there is a bonus track:
            (recorded live in Europe)
[CD cover]
Korean version (released 2001):
This is a Korean-only release with 16-track. It has the 15 songs from the original Classics plus a bonus track:
   16.   LA CALIFFA
            from: La Luna
plus bonus promo-only 2.5" x 3.5" mirror with album artwork on reverse, as it says on
Chinese version (released 2002?):
Advertised on eBay was [now gone]:
RARE Sarah Brightman Classics 24K GOLD PICTURE CD release in China.
which is a Chinese bootleg CD, not an official CD, Christian Bernard wrote me.
The CD appears to have 20 numbers; the 15 songs from the original Classics plus:
   16.   Scarborough Fair
            from: La Luna
   17.   Memory
            from: The ALW Collection
   18.   I Don't Know How to Love Him
            from: Sings the music of ALW
   19.   A Whiter Shade of Pale
            from: La Luna (non-European version)
   20.   He Doesn't See Me
            from: La Luna (non-European version)
[CD inlay]
Taiwanese version (released 9 April 2002): mentions an edition called
released by Emi Int'l (ASIN: B000063DGF).
This page (found via lists the CD. It is a very deluxe two-CD edition and the whole set is put into a box. It contains on CD-1 the 15 songs of the original Classics, with full lyrics and Chinese translations. CD-2 is a VCD with:
    1.   Sarah greeting video (exclusive)
    2.   Winter light (music video)
    3.   Dans la duit (Asia exclusive live performance)
    4.   Ave Maria (Asia exclusive live performance)
See the cover and back of the luxe box on the right.
[box cover] [box back]
Taiwanese version (released 2002?):
Via what seems to be another Taiwanese version came up, which has the same 15 songs as the original Classics. It is a single CD in a normal CD-case, but is listed as:
Extra package, 24 bit gold CD, an extra full lyric sleeve.
See the CD cover and back on the right.
[CD cover] [CD back]
Sarah Brightman Classics special edition (June 2002?)
Ernest Wang writes that there is a Sarah Brightman Classics Special Editon out which comes with a bonus AVCD, containing:
  1. EDEN (Music Video)
  2. A WHITER SHADE OF PALE (Music Video)
  3. WINTER LIGHT (Music Video)
  6. A QUESTION OF HONOUR (Tom Lord-Alge Mix)
European release:
Appeared only at the end of 2006; see this page for track list and info.

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