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Highlights of Scotland

Holiday in June 1995

From 14 until 28 June 1995 I have been on holiday in Scotland: a coach brought us along Highlights of Scotland. It was a really wonderful trip: Scotland is beautiful!!

In total I took about 220 photos. Here I show you 12 photos on four pages (each page is about 60 kb):

[Waterfalls] Waterfalls
[Gardens] Gardens
[Lewis and Harris] Lewis and Harris
[Varia] Varia

[Route map] The route

This is a copy of the map in the brochure of the travel agency, which does not exactly show the route we've taken during the trip. For a more precise description, see the route page. In total the coach travelled 2752 km through Scotland. (A map of the whole UK is available through the PCL Map Collection.)

The trip started with a flight from Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) to Prestwick International Airport, about 50 km south-west of Glasgow. A British coach was waiting for us there, with a Dutch travel guide, Marijke, and an English driver, Harry. Both of them did a very good job and made our trip very enjoyable. There were 19 people in the group I traveled with. It was a fine group and we've had a great time. And we've seen a lot, even though the trip covered only a part of Scotland.

[Weather] The weather

The weather we've had was very good, certainly for Scotland. The first two days were sunny, with temperatures above 20 degrees. The following few days were cloudy and cooler. The rain we had on the trip through the desolate landscape of Lewis and Harris just strengthened the experience: we saw Scotland as it "should" be. After that the weather became brighter again, and the last week we had nothing but sunshine and temperatures of 25 degrees or more.
The image above (size: .jpeg of 375 kb) shows satellite pictures of the weather at about 13:00 GMT in an area around the UK for all 15 days of the trip taken from the archive of the NERC Satellite Station at Dundee University, UK.

The weather in Scotland (and Ireland) during this time was exceptionally warm. This was caused by a high pressure area above Scotland which didn't move much for a long time. And all (smaller) low pressure areas coming from the west were forced to travel around this high pressure area, so they could not change the weather in the UK and Ireland. This process is called atmospheric blocking.

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