Highlights of Scotland

Moira Kerr -- The glen of weeping

For his majesties service, to Captain Robert Campbell of Glenlion


You're hereby ordered to fall upon the rebels, the MacDonalds of Glencoe, and to put all to the sword under seventy. You're to have a special care that the old fox and his sons to upon no account escape your hands. You're to secure all the avenues that no man escapes. This you're to put at the execution at five of the clock precisely.

Oh how peaceful is the glen.
Gentle the breeze
as it whispers to the rocks
and through the trees.

But how quickly things can change
and now the wind is blowing.
Shadows flicker on the wall
as the last embers are glowing.

Something's stirring in the night,
unrest is welling.
Unsuspecting sleepers dream,
no ill foretelling.

Some never wakened from those dreams,
never saw the face of danger.
Others perished at the hand
of someone that was no stranger.

Now the Sun is lying low,
the glen lies sleeping.
In the shadows still and dark
someone is weeping.

But the Sun will rise again
on the mountains and the rivers.
And the spirit of the glen
remains forever.
And the spirit of the glen
remains forever.

Music and lyrics: Kerr / Jebel Music 1990.
from: Moira Kerr -- "Glencoe, The Glen Of Weeping" -- Mayker Records Ltd., 1991 (number of the CD: CDMAYK 1).

source of the lyrics: written down myself, with corrections by Moira Kerr.

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