Loreena McKennitt - Carrighfergus

I wish I was in Carrighfergus,
Only for nights in Bellygrant.
I would swim over the deepest oceans,
Only for nights in Bellygrant.

But the sea is wide, and I can't get over.
Neither have I wings to fly.
Oh, if I could find a handsome boatsman
To ferry me over to my love and die.

Now in Kilkenny, it is reported,
They've marble stones there as black as ink.
With gold and silver I would transport her
But I'll sing no more now, till I get a drink.

I'm drunk today, but then I'm seldom sober.
A handsome rover from town to town.
Oh, but I am sick now, my days are over,
Come all you young lads and lay me down.

I wish I was in Carrighfergus,
Only for nights in Bellygrant.

Traditional, arranged by Loreena McKennitt and Cedric Smith
From: Elemental (1985).

Note that Charlotte Church sings a different version of this song, entitled Carrickfergus on her fourth album Enchantment (1985).

One "P" wrote me that the second verse in Carrighfergus bears a remarkable resemblance to the old English ballad The Water is Wide (the other verses do not correspond):

the water is wide
I cannot get o'er
neither have I wings to fly
so build me a boat
that can carry two
and both shall cross
my true love and I

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