Marine Science and Technologies

Marine science and technology research areas are contained in the Marine Science and Technologies (MAST III) (1994-98) Work Programme. The general objective is to foster the scientific knowledge and technological development necessary to understand how marine systems function at basin scales, in order to prepare for sustainable use of the oceans consistent with the management of marine environmental quality and to determine their role in global change.

Areas Covered

1. Marine Science
1.1. Marine systems research
1.2. Extreme marine environments
1.3. Regional seas research
2. Strategic Marine Research
2.1. Coastal and shelf seas research
2.2. Coastal engineering and natural defences
3. Marine Technology
3.1. Generic technologies
3.2. Advanced systems
4. Supporting Initiatives

Selection Criteria

In addition to the general criteria indicated in the Information Package, the MAST program requires that

Types of Grants

Grants for training

The above text is taken from the Information Package of the Fourth Framework Programme (1994-1998) of the European Union regarding the Research Traning Grants scheme.

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