The Community Research Training Grants scheme

The development and better utilization of human resources in the Community through the training and mobility of researchers is one of the prioreties of the Fourth Framework Programme.

Each research and technological development (RTD) programme includes provisions for the training of researchers in the specific scientific field covered. These training actions take a variety of forms (research training grants, short-term courses, etc.) and are usually implemented as accompanying measures of the specific programmes.

In addition, it is recognized that more general measures to develop human resources are needed which focus on training through research in non predefined areas. This is the objective of the Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR) Programme, a substantial part of which is devoted to award of research training grants.

Rationale and Objectives

In order to offer a coherent framework for the various research training grants awarded under the specific programmes of the Fourth Framework Programme, a common scheme, the Communitu Research Training Grant Scheme, has been set up.

The purpose of the Community scheme is to enable researchers to acquire either fresh knowledge in a new field or a deeper knowledge and a wider competence in their own scientific area. In this way, the scheme should contribute towards improving the quality and increasing the scientific potential of the Community and of its Associated States. Through the scheme, researchers will have the opportinity to train, specialise or impart their knowledge in a laboratory of their choice in another country.

The advantages of establishing such a unified scheme are:

Research Topics

Research training grants proposed under the Community scheme must fall within the area covered by the programme to which they are submitted. The areas covered by all thematic RTP programmes (Activity I of the Fourth Framework Programme) are clearly defined; each programme covers an area of targeted research.

The above text is taken from the Information Package of the Fourth Framework Programme (1994-1998) of the European Union regarding the Research Traning Grants scheme.

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