Research Training Grant -- criteria

Criteria for eligibility in the Community Research Training Grants scheme of the Fourth Framework Programme of the European Union contain the following points.

Who can participate?

Researchers must be either nationals of a Member State or of an Associated State. Host institutes must be legal entities, established in the Community or in an Associated State, which have their own research capabilities, such as national, community, international or intergovernmental research centres, universities or industrial enterprises. However, either the researcher of the host institute mist be from a Member State: projects where both researcher and host institute are from Associated States are not eligible.


The Research Traing Grant Scheme is designed to promote the mobility of researchers throughout the Community and the Associated States. Therefore the host institute must not be situated in the applicant's country of nationality. In addition applicants may not have carried out their normal activity in the country of their host institute for more than 18 months in the two years immediately prior to the reference date (the date of publication of the relevant call for proposals in the Official Journal of the European Communities).

Age limits

As a general rule, the age limit for postdoctoral candidates (category 30) is 35 years. Allowance will however be made for military service and child care.

Qualification requirements and duration

Type of   Category   Researcher's qualification         Duration in months
grant     of grant                                          min    max
Training      20   university (or equivalent institution     6      36
                   of higher education) degree, allowing
                   holder to embark directly on
                   - a doctorate
                   - or equivalent degree

              30   PhD (or equivalent level of education)    6      24
                   or 4 years' full time research 
                   activities at post-graduate level

Established   40   8 years' full-time research experience    3      12
Researcher         at post-graduate level

Return         R   Completion of a post-doctoral grant       6      12
                   (category 30)
For some programmes, the maximum duration may be less than those indicated in this table.

Holders of previous EC fellowships/training grants

Holders of previous EC fellowships or training grants (awarded under any specific programme) should note that the duration of fellowships or grants of the same category already held will be substracted from the maximum durations indicated in the table. Furthermore, researchers may not cumulate fellowships or grants of category 20 and 30 for more that a total period of 36 months.

The above text is taken from the Information Package of the Fourth Framework Programme (1994-1998) of the European Union regarding the Research Traning Grants scheme.

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