Fourth Framework Programme (1994-1998)

Following the retification of the Treaty on the European Union (EU) all Community activities in the field of research, technological development and demonstration are covered by the European Community Framework Programme for research and technological development (RTD).

On 26 April 1994, the Fourth Framework Programme was adopted. It has a duration of five years (1994-1998) and a budget of ECU 12,300 million (to which in 1996 an amount of ECU 700 million might be added if certain conditions are fulfilled.)

The Fourth Framework Programme contains four Activities and a number of specific RTD programmes which cover the following areas (with funding in million ECU):

  1. RTD and Demonstation programmes (10,686); see below
  2. Cooperation with third countries and international organisations (540)
  3. Dissemination and exploitation of results (330)
  4. Stimulation of the training and mobility of researchers (744)

RTD and Demonstation programmes

I. Information and communications technologies
1. Telematics
2. Communication technologies
3. Information technologies
II. Industrial technologies
4. Industrial and material technologies
5. Standards, measurments and testing
III. Environment
6. Environment and climate
7. Marine science and technology
IV. Life sciences and technologies
8. Biotechnology
9. Biomedicine and health
10. Agriculture and fisheries
V. Energy
11. Non-nuclear energy
12. Nuclear fission safety
13. Controlled thermonuclear fission
VI. Transport
14. Transport
V. Targeted socio-economic research
15. Targeted socio-economic research

The above text is taken from the Information Package of the Fourth Framework Programme (1994-1998) of the European Union regarding the Research Traning Grants scheme.
See also CORDIS = Community Research and Development Information Service.

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