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Wallace Single Malt Scotch Whisky Liqueur originated in the Highlands and is made by:
      The Wallace Malt Liqueur Company
      Perthshire,  FK16 6AG
      tel.: (+ 44 / 0)1355 260999

The back side of the bottle says:

The Wallace Malt Whisky Liqueur has been created from the fine single malt whisky from Deanston Distillery using the clear, pure waters of the nearby River Teith.

"The Wallace" derives its name from the great William Wallace -- The Guardian of Scotland -- who fought his most famous battle in 1297 at Stirling Bridge, only a few miles from where the whisky is distilled at Deanston.

The soft flavour of local herbs through the single malt makes this liqueur truly unique.

In 1997 this liqueur got the Gold Winner new product award for best new drink from Scothot [do not know what that is ...].

The now gone Liqueur page of "The Tryst" wrote:

Created with matured Deanston single malt whisky, the Wallace is made from only natural ingredients including the pure, clean waters of the River Teith. Mixed with traditional Scottish berries and French herbs, this intensely exciting malt whisky liqueur gives a sensation of warmth and ardour to the palate.
I am told that the Wallace Single Malt liqueur is no longer in production.
It seems that someone "misplaced" the recipe a few years ago, and despite best efforts to recreate it from memory it just was not the same -- this could, of course, well be an urban myth ... [with thanks to Rob Clark for info.]

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