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The Old Pulteney Liqueur, launched in 1999, is made with single malt Scotch Whisky by The Pulteney Distillery Co., Scotland, ML6 8PL.
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The picture on the front label of the bottle shows women working on a fishing net. The text left and right of this picture reads:

Scotch Fisher Girls
In the 1930s these hardy girls followed the herring's seasonal cycle, travelling from the far north to all over Britain. They worked in teams of three and could handle as many as 50 herring a minute.
On there engagement they received a goodwill payment called 'Arles', this would usually be around ten shillings. They wree always referred to as "The Fisher Girls" regardless of age.
The back label reads:
Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky has now been carrefully blended with a selection of natural Highland ingredients to create a truly memorable Scotch Whisky Liqueur with a beguiling aroma and a rich "fruity" aftertase. Best appreciated as an after dinner drink either neat, served over ice or with your favourite mixer.
Ingredients: Scotch Whisky, sucrose, glucose, glycerol, sorbitol, colouring (E150).

The now gone Liqueur page of "The Tryst" wrote:

This liqueur is a blend of natural Highland ingredients and Scotch whisky, creating a truly memorable liqueur with a rich fruity aftertaste.

Picture of the bottle:    JPEG-format (13.0 kb)
NOTE: copied this picture from the above mentioned Web site; the box on the picture did not come with the bottle I bought.

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